My Favorite Body Part

I’ve been told I have a beautiful smile.

Many people say they’d kill for my lower lip pout.

My hair receives ample compliments for its volume.

Even beauticians have said they love my naturally long eyelashes.

I know I have an expressive face because it has landed me in trouble countless times for not being able to hide how I truly feel in a situation.

The opposite sex and sometimes even women give appreciative looks to my posterior.

The mole on my neck lends an enviable beauty mark to my upper body.

While I’m proud of all these features that make me unique,

What I like most about my body are my eyes,

Because they speak a language of their own,

Because my husband once confessed that he fell for the innocence and honesty reflected in them,

Because they help me see the world, its people, and all of the beauty around.

Because one can never tire of the songs and poetry around this body part.

What’s your favorite part of your body?


Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Body Part”

  1. Nicely written….difficult subject to tackle by many, but you have made it very easy :)…..have never given much serious thought about my favorite body part, but I guess it’s my face….and I have dimples when I smile….that’s what many of my female friends have told me…..:)


    1. Hey, thanks Anindya
      Dimples ha? I can surely understand why that would make female hearts melt 😀
      It was a primary reason for me falling for my husband too 😛
      Btw, are you on Insta? would love to connect and follow your content there since I’m most active on that platform 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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