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Types of People I Encountered in The Past Few Days

I turned 33 on 20th June. From Saturday evening to yesterday night, I spent most of my waking hours attending calls or responding to messages of those who wished me.

I’m grateful for every wish and the blessings of so many people. However, the mischievous me cannot help but compartmentalize the people in my life based on their wishes (or non-wishes) on my special day.

I believe that no matter what condition you are in when someone close to your heart remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday, you feel happy.”-A. Singla

So, here’s a light and funny take on the people who wish us on our birthdays. If you find yourself or someone you know in there, please feel free to be offended.

1. The Keeper

These are the ones we don’t want to and should never lose. They’re precious because:

  • They mostly always wish you at midnight.
  • They don’t need social media to remind them about your birthday.

But let’s not fool ourselves by thinking there are many of these in our lives. If they’re but a handful, consider yourselves blessed. If more, feel free to consider yourself a celebrity.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

2. The Acquaintance

These are people you rarely talk to. Or maybe more too. But the fact remains that you know nothing about each other except your work and some basic personal life information (stuff like whether you’re married or not, how many children you have, etc)

They will wish you only because social courtesy and obligation dictates so. Oh and also, you have probably shared some laughs with them, but we know that doesn’t qualify either of you to tag the other as your ‘BFF’.

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

3. The Onlooker/The Stalker

These are my favorite kind. You know why? Because, they know it’s your birthday (probably because others have told them or because they saw it on social media) but despite that, they conciously chose not to wish you. You might find yourself wondering why, but don’t waste your precious energy. The reason is clear.

It’s because you didn’t wish them on their birthday, anniversary, their spouse’s birthday, their promotion, their children’s birthday.

Oh, how dare you forget these important occasions in their life, expect them to forget about it, and have the gall of expecting them to be kind enough to then wish you on your birthday.

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

4. The Forgotten

I call these The Ghosts of the past. They’re as good as extinct from your life. You remember them because:

  • You spent one (or more) good birthday(s) with them many (or a few) years ago.
  • You probably wish to recreate that birthday.

Alas, they don’t even know you’re missing them and even more tragic is that they don’t remember your birthday anymore. *there, there, it’ll be alright*

Photo by Alex Bodini on Unsplash

5. The huh/eh

I saved the best for the last. Because these are the kind of wishes (read messages) on your birthday that will make you go ‘huh?’ or ‘eh’.

For instance, I had gone to a wonderful resort over my birthday weekend.

Photo by the author| A Rustic Mind on Instagram

I used the #HappyBirthdayToMe on my stories along with the above photograph. And guess what? I had my DM flooding with messages of ‘OMG where are you?”, “Where is this place?” and similar ones. That was alright with me because I’d have asked too if I were in their place.

What made me go huh and eh was:

  • This was the first time in ages they’d messaged/contacted me.
  • They expected me to answer them and did not even have the courtesy to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ while being insistent about knowing my whereabouts.

Me being me, had to put them in their place.

Photo by the author | Screenshot of my WhatsApp

Of course, the world became a better place after that and there was peace all around.

Did you find yourself or anyone you know among these *cough* well-wishers?


Thank you for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Types of People I Encountered in The Past Few Days”

  1. Well, we all encounter these fair weather friends almost on a daily basis, and the irony is, most of them are absent even in fair weathers….:):)….so, it’s best to go on our own way and leave them in their peace……nice reading your post….:)

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