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Long-Short Stories by Chetan Soni

Book blurb:

A collection of 5 curated short stories which can be categorized as Modern-day romance between characters. Each story is fast-paced, eventful and hidden with metaphors.

The short stories provide a new and different perspective and emphasize on the fact that not all stories should end.

Enjoy this light read as the author tries his hand at writing short stories for the first time.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Pages: 40

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$ 0.99

My Ratings: 3.3/5

A collection of 5 flash fiction stories: Infidelity, The Chronicles of Raghu Kapoor, What’s in a Name, Letters from a Stranger, The Long-Short Story of Kabir-Sonia, this book offers a variety of reading that be finished in one go over a cup of morning or evening tea.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> Though the stories are different, they have a common theme of romance and overall positivity.
-> The stories were all fast-paced, realistic, and very relatable.
-> The author has covered all sorts of hurdles one faces in romantic encounters or relationships.
-> There were some gray areas talked about too (breakups, communication gaps, infidelity, the difficulties faced in a long-distance relationship). So, there’s a lot of emotions right from happiness to sadness, and confusion to drama. This, in fact, makes the stories a lot more authentic.

What I did not like about the book:
-> There was a very visible rush towards the moral of the story. In between the stories too, there are dosages of enlightenment in the form of “once a wise man said” that interrupted the flow of the story.
-> The book requires a round or two of editing
-> I’m not sure whether this is a pro or a con of the book, but I actually ended up enjoying the ‘About the author’ part more than any of the stories. It was so refreshing and funny and it made me wish that this side of the author had shown up in his fiction writing too.

Quotable quotes:
-> When it comes to infidelity, all logic goes for a toss.
> Life would be so much better if everything falls accordingly but that never happens. There are always tests and situations where one has to overcome them in order to defeat life. In order to restore parity. Life is anything but desire.
->Magic happens when the time is right and the tide is low.

-> Hope is a dangerous thing, it kills you from inside and heals you at the same time.
->Sometimes, just sometimes, you need that phone call which restores belief in your logic and tells you that somebody cares.
->Why stir a nest when you don’t want any honey?
->She wasn’t in love. She wasn’t looking for love either. But sometimes, just sometimes you want that person around you. Not to say or do anything but just to be around.
->Somethings happen very fast and since we are enjoying that rush we let things go out of control.
->It feels good when somebody acknowledges your presence in their life.
->It’s difficult to be accepted in your true form by somebody.
-> She had some issues with the name Lakshmi during her school but made peace with it once she entered college and realized that even the US had made peace with Donald Trump.
->The more time you spend with somebody the more you got to know them.

>Nobody is perfect and we shouldn’t look for perfections.
->There was no spark, no chemistry, no ringing of music in ears. Yes, it felt good. Sometimes you are so comfortable around somebody that you don’t need to apply extra force.
-> Mumbai casts a spell on you, and once you lose something in Mumbai, you never get it back.

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