You Stood By Me

Thank you,

Dear heart,

For not letting me make decisions based on rationale.

Thank you,

Dear brain,

For not letting me make decisions based on sentiments.

Thank you,

Dear eyes,

For seeing things as they are and learning the difference between real and fake.

Thank you,

Dear hands,

For holding on to things that matter and letting go of things that didn’t.

Thank you,

Dear legs,

For standing firm in your position when required and walking away from situations that pulled me down.

Thank you,

Dear shoulders,

For carrying the load, literal and otherwise.

Thank you,

Dear ears,

For teaching me to listen, with and without attention.

Thank you,

Dear mouth,

For speaking the truth, and also some lies, when the need arose.

Together, you all make me whole,

Together, we make a great team.

Together, we can survive it all.


Thank you for reading.

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