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Summer Reads I Really Enjoyed

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Do you read as per the seasons? I don’t necessarily do that, but some stories and books just have that vibe around them. For instance, A Christmas Carol or The Gift of the Magi leaves such a fuzzy and contented feeling when read during the festive seasons.

I’m a person who loves reading in open spaces; a bench in the park under a tree, a chair on the balcony while basking in the sunlight, are just a couple of my favorite spots.

Right now, is just the season for doing that (it is the summer season where I’m currently staying) In my growing up years, summers meant eating mangoes and reading as many (non-course) books as I could, without anyone reprimanding me.

That helped me read tons of books over the years and this article is the result. So, let’s dive in, shall we? Get your lemonades ready to sip along while reading these.

1. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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I was doubtful about this one because of two reasons:

a) It felt similar to A Walk to Remember and The Fault in Our Stars.

b) Why read something which I knew would break my heart?

But, I’m glad I did not listen to that negative part of my heart and gave this book a chance.

A middle-class girl (Louisa Clarke) employs herself as the caretaker of a wheelchair-bound rich guy (Will Traynor). For her, it’s a badly needed job. For him, it’s a thorn in his side, because he has lost the will to live. Naturally, I expected a predictable read but what unfolded left me inspired.

I’m a sucker for sassy protagonists. Women who speak their minds are inspiring for me, even in fiction and Louisa Clark made me chuckle all the way. Her character growth left me awed.

If you’re looking for a feel-good, butterflies in the stomach, kind of read, here it is.

Favorite quote:

“You cut yourself off from all sorts of experiences because you tell yourself you are not that sort of person
But, I’m not.
How do you know? You’ve done nothing, been nowhere. How do you have the faintest idea what kind of person you are?”

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green

Image credit: Goodreads

I was shy and confused as a teenager. So, books with flawed protagonists always attracted me. This book offered not one but all major characters as teenagers with so many flaws.

This one is hands down one of the best debut books I’ve ever read.

Read it for Alaska’s feminist outlooks, Miles Halter’s awkwardness, and the coming together of the whole batch, in the search of one girl who means something different, but significant, to each of them.

Favorite quote:

There comes a time when we realize that our parents cannot save themselves or save us, that everyone who wades through time eventually gets dragged out to sea by the undertow- that, in short, we are all going.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Image credit: Goodreads

If coming-of-age and teenage drama is your preferred genre, this makes it to the top 20 for me.

This was another book that had a relatable protagonist for me. One more debut that left me with so many feels, I would recommend this for all teenagers and young adults.

Even though the reader might not be anything like Charlie (the central character) there is something about how the author wrote him that makes us see the world through his eyes. We may not be like Charlie but the things he went through in high school were something almost everyone went through.

Read this book for its authenticity. As an adult it takes you back to when you were a teenager, as a child, it shows you what lies ahead and as a teenager, it inspires you.

Favorite quote:

We didn’t talk about anything heavy or light. We were just there together. And that was enough”

What are your favorite summer reads? Do let me know in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “Summer Reads I Really Enjoyed”

  1. That’s quite a mix of books you got there. I want to read the first one, who doesn’t like sassy women? Hope you enjoy the mango season and keep reading more and more books.


    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by Kavita.
      Hehe, yes its quite a mix bag 😀
      Do read Me Before You. I’m sure you’ll love Louisa. 😉
      Ah! Don’t remind me of mangoes 😦
      I’m not in India and am thoroughly missing them *sigh*


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