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A Star Is Lost

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It’s been a year since we lost a gem of an artist and a human. He touched a million hearts but for me, he’ll always be remembered as someone inspiring, because :

1. He made it big in an industry that doesn’t encourage or openly accept outsiders.

We all know that Bollywood is a nepotism industry. Outsiders rarely make it big in this glam world. But SSR did it and how! With a smashing debut followed by continual good content, he made sure he did good work, worthy of notice.

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2. He gave me some of my all-time favorite movies like Kai Po Che and Chhichhore

Kai Po Che is one of those rare movies I liked more than its adaptive source (The 3 Mistakes of My Life) and one major reason for this was SSR’s honest and tear-jerking portrayal of Ishaan. And, what can I say about Chhichhore that’s not already been said? It gave me so many nostalgic moments and life-affirming lessons that it’s difficult to list all the reasons why this movie is one of my all-time favorites.

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3. He was a human beyond his craft; someone with a brilliant mind and a big heart

Sushant Singh Rajput was so much more than an actor. He was a rare gem in an industry considered to be full of dimwits. With his love for books and astrophysics, he stood out from the rest of his peers. Not to mention his big heart and generous nature that reflected in the way connected and interacted with fans without any pretense or openly donated most of his earnings to charity.

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R. I. P. to this star we lost all too soon. We truly didn’t deserve him.


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