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The Panipuri Crimes by S B Akshobhya

Book blurb:

The young and driven Sagar Bansal leads a team of six on the path of a digital adventure. His plan is to put the humble cane-panipuri vendor, found in every other street in a metropolitan city, on a digital platform.
As they gear up to launch an app to sell panipuri, the cloud of risk looms large. All five entrepreneurs who earlier ventured into the business had died in road accidents. But all that is overlooked and forgotten in the excitement of the team reaching the verge of a VC funding.
Is the death of all five entrepreneurs a coincidence? Can Sagar and his team overcome the odds? Why are the ordinary vendors dying one after another like a pack of cards?
The Panipuri Crimes is a thrilling story weaving together the world of entrepreneurship and struggle, love and other demons, and the murky world of crime.

Pages: 123

Genre: Fiction/Crime Thriller

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 119.77/$9.99
  • Paperback: 190 INR/$15.99

My Ratings: 4.3/5

Sagar, Rathishree, Rudra, Yashshwini, Jim, and Koyal; six engineers with an entrepreneurial streak, set out to start their online panipuri selling venture. Things start off slowly and pick up pace steadily. However, there is a mafia in the setup that controls all the local vendors who aren’t very thrilled about the dish going the internet way. Will the 6 entrepreneurs have to face the wrath of this mafia who don’t think twice before pulling the trigger on the innocent vendors?

What I liked about the book:

-> The plotline is unique and the author has chosen a dish that is rarely not a favorite snack of any Indian. So while reading it you’re almost tempted to order or make one for yourself.
-> It sheds light on the underbelly of crimes in India, be it as small as a roadside panipuri business; everyone is notorious and wants a piece of the pie.
-> All the characters are flawed, making them authentic.
-> The way the engineer turned entrepreneurs plan out the business and execute it, is very inspiring for those planning to start their own venture someday.
-> The characters of Veena and Rathishree were the most kickass and inspiring.
-> The technical contents of the story have been thoroughly researched, be it digitalization, the complex web of the panipuri mafia and how it works, or the planning and execution that goes into entrepreneurship. This makes the story engaging and easy to understand.

What I did not like about the book:
-> There are too many characters to keep track of which makes the reading confusing and off-putting.
-> The third-person narrative is very nonchalant. It comes off as if an observer is telling the story, in turn making the reader feel less involved too.
-> The treatment and opinions around female characters felt misogynistic.

Quotable quotes:
-> The danger was not the problem; it was the misconception that there might be a hazard that was even more ominous.
-> The rumor of a lion in the jungle is different from the confirmation that he is ruling the roost.
-> Replacing the lion to take the kingdom is much easier than assembling all creatures in the wild.
-> When Plan A is about doing nothing, then plans B to Z are also about doing nothing.
->When the sex is good, the love also grows.
-> What’s in a name that’s not in a brand name? Nothing. Is it true- what name is to a person, is the brand name to a business entity?
->A business deal should be kept in mind with a business intent only.
-> Every decision in a democracy need not be that of a democracy.
-> One must love the sport over individuals, no matter how big a star that player might be.
->Trust deficit kills everything.
-> Even when there are lesser animals to hunt in the jungle, the big cats need to periodically leave their scent to mark the territory.
->Desperate times create more opportunities.
-> Employees’ salary money is never a source for the organization.
-> When money is the remedy, its dearth is the source of the issue. It does not matter how much of it is arranged, the demon at the other end will keep on increasing.
->Don’t expect magic if you aspire to deliver engineering excellence.
->Love can’t always be about yourself.
->Many times people don’t take help because they are sure of the other’s lack of capability in solving the problem.
-> Was it time for him to get settled down in life? Was marriage on the cards? Or was it a promotion in the new company? He was not much worried about marriage or development, as the matter is a matter of eventuality.
->There are difficult choices to make in life.
->What happens in an instant is not a term, and if it is not a term, there is no plan but only action.

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