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Add These Words to Your Vocabulary For Some Self-Love

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Because we need more self-awareness and self-confidence in this world.

Each of us deserves to be loved, but more so by our own self than anyone else.

So here’s a little help to get you started on appreciating the self.

1. Chutzpa/Chutzpah (noun)

Self-confidence or boldness.


Manali is so successful because she is brilliant, very hard-working, and has a lot of chutzpah.

2. Amore propre (French) (Noun)

A sense of one’s own worth; self-respect


It is only through amore propre that one can learn to say no to people and things not worthy of their time and effort.

3. Moxie (noun)

Force of character, determination, or nerve


Her moxie helped her continue towards the finish line and complete the marathon even when exhausted.


Do you know of more such words?


Thank you for reading.

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