My Digital Trio

I’m an all-in digital slave and writer, so I don’t know how I’d do it without my laptop.

Pen and paper writing would not work for me, because sometimes I myself can’t read what I’ve written.

So forget content creation and sharing.

Then there’s my iPad.

I haven’t read physical books in a while, so this device is my digital library and my mobile workstation.

I literally carry this everywhere, even when I’m travelling or stepping out just for grocery shopping.

Life would not be the same without the easy access to multiple books and the option to check my emails while waiting in queues or suddenly coming across an ideal reading spot.

What would I do without it? Maybe read only physical books I guess.

Last but never the least is my phone.

The alarm clock in it helps me wake me up on most days,

Yes, I can wake up without it too, but not on time, for sure.

The Instagram and Facebook apps help me satiate my social media needs, right from sharing my writing to connecting with like-minded content creators.

I can survive without it, but I don’t know how I would share my writing, promote my books, find more virtual friends, and more importantly make a living then!

And book reviews? Even if I’m reading physical copies, how would I rave about my latest reads without my phone and laptop to help me write and share?

Let’s not forget the virtual connections with family and friends too,

All three of them have helped me stay abreast and feel close to my people, despite being miles away from them.

So, this goes as a thank you to my dear digital trio of my laptop, iPad, and phone.

My life would be without purpose and dull without you three.


Thank you for reading.

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