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Adventures of a Countryside Doctor by Dr. Thomas

Book blurb:

Sally, a beautiful young pregnant woman who came to the hospital for what seemed to be pre-term labor pains, delivered a fully mature healthy boy.

“Doctor, what will you tell my husband and family?” She asked. “Can you please tell them that the baby is premature?”

“How can I?” Dr. Thomas replied helplessly. “The baby is fully grown and mature, as anyone can see.”

“You mean to say that there is nothing wrong with the child, Doctor?” Johnykutty, her husband asked in dismay and anguish. “But we’ve been married for just seven months!”

Her husband and his family go away, leaving Sally and the illegitimate child.

What will be her future?

What fate awaits the unwanted child?

READ the book and FIND OUT

This book is an enchanting story of a young doctor couple who ventured into a remote, rural forested village to re-open a defunct hospital, their involvement in the mysteries and conflicts of their patients, the daunting challenges – both nonmedical and medical. The story is set in Chittar, a village in India, in the state of Kerala, known as ‘GOD’S OWN COUNTRY.’ It describes beautifully in simple language, the various interesting experiences with the villagers and tribal patients.

EXPERIENCE the agony of their failures, and the ecstasy of triumphs.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 162

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 145 INR/$3.27
  • Paperback: 295 INR/$7.00

My Rating: 4.5/5

A freshly passed out MBBS doctor decides to use his degree and knowledge for the betterment of society. He joins a rundown hospital in a remote area village of Kerala, alongside his doctor wife. Though his intentions are pure, he isn’t prepared for the challenges thrown his way. Right from lack of basic facilities to losing out on precious family time with a very basic pay grade, everything about the job is demotivating. What does he learn from his experiences and does he stick by the job?

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What I liked about the book:
-> It is an eye-opening read, bringing forth a lot of facts about healthcare and medicine.
-> It made me develop a newfound respect for doctors and healthcare professionals.
-> The book offers an incredible presentation with a mix of facts and fiction. Dr. Thomas paints a clear and pretty picture of the tiny village Chittar nestled among hillocks.
-> Dr. Thomas’s professional navigation, clearing all obstacles and ultimately winning the hearts of the public makes it a fantastic story. The reader is forced to give a big salute to this special doctor (and many others like him) who stand tall and use their knowledge to make the world a better place (unlike the usual doctors that we see around)
-> The simple and effective first-one person narration and the well-connected flow of events makes this book, fit both as a professional memoir and novel. This book truly captures the real challenges a community doctor faces in our society. Written in a simple endearing style, every chapter of the book is packed with its share of human emotions.
-> It hints at the darker aspects of the society namely corruption and callousness at the managerial level.
-> There is a subtle dialogue in between which teaches us that if we let the authorities exploit us, they will.
-> How the characters of Pappichayan and Krishnadas have been portrayed to show us two opposite sides of a society, where an educated and wealthy man lies to make his son understand moral values whereas the poor merely have to teach by action.
-> The medical terms and ailments have been explained in laymen’s terms quite nicely making it easier for non-medicos to understand.

What I did not like about the book:
-> A lot of the characters were introduced and used repeatedly assuming that the reader is familiar with them. This became a little confusing to follow at times.
-> The flow of the events became complex at few points.
-> The tenses are a little mixed up.

Quotable quotes:
-> Atheist, agnostic, or believer; it is the basic nature of each individual that makes them behave the way they do.
-> There is nothing more fulfilling for a doctor than conducting a normal delivery and seeing the smile of fulfillment on the mother’s face upon hearing the cry of the child.
-> Brooding all the time and not working upon it will only make matters worse.
-> The boy survived, and the hospital thrived.
-> If you value your life, it is better to give ample berth to the buses and lorries wanting to overtake you.
-> Success also sometimes comes unexpectedly.
->It is really quite stressful, treating your own friends or relatives.
-> Food tastes better in the company of near and dear ones.

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