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Travel Tales With M ~ Kronenburgerpark

In focus under this story is Kronenburgerpark located in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

In focus under this story is Kronenburgerpark located in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Photo by the author | A view of the Kronenburgerpark from atop one of its many uphill slopes.

This is a quiet, modern city park with old town charm and the beauty of nature. The highlight of this park is the medieval tower, which is quite beautiful. Though access inside the tower was closed when we visited, its appeal was apparent from outside as well.

As per Google, the tower is open for visit only on Open Monuments Day (not sure if it would stay open under the current Covid-19 crisis)

Photo by the author| My husband posing in front of the tower and pond at Kronenburgerpark

Inside the park, there is a small pond that has two parts divided by a bridge. The pool has numerous ducks, geese, and some big as well as small fish.

Photo by the author | My husband and I posing on the little bridge inside Kronenburgerpark

At the top of the park, after a small uphill climb, there is a small playground for young children and a petting zoo. One can find deer, land goats, peacocks, and chickens as the permanent residents of this enclosure.

There are wooden benches scattered across the park where one can sit and enjoy the peace, silence, and beauty aplenty here. Visitors can also just laze around in the wide-open grounds, basking in the sunlight on a day with warm weather.

Photo by the author | The ducks and geese at Kronenburgerpark

Besides the benches, tower, pond, and petting zoo, the park also offers two open terraced broken-down towers. From atop these, visitors can get a panoramic view of the entire park.

Photo by the author | My husband and I atop one of the broken-down open terraced towers at Kronenburgerpark

We spent a good sunny morning and afternoon at this park, walking around and then resting on benches and towers. My favorite part was sitting in front a bench opposite the petting zoo enclosure. We watched the deer and other animals running around as we munched on homemade sandwiches and a bottle of juice.

Photo by the author | My husband and I outside the petting zoo enclosure at Kronenburgerpark

If in Nijmegen, do visit this park for an enjoyable day out with family and friends.

Pro-tip: I made the mistake of wearing flat sandals and ended up with sore feet. Since there is much walking and uphill climb involved, I recommend wearing shoes.

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