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If You Let Me Go by Sonia Rao

Book blurb:

What happens in Paris…
Shivalika is a brilliant interior designer who attracts suitors like bees to honey. But she will have none of that. Shivalika has her life mapped out. She does not believe in love at all and is only focused on her career the reason for which is a secret she has nursed since she was a teenager.

But when billionaire Vikramarya Kumar aka VK aka “the most eligible bachelor in the country” enters her company as the new boss, sparks fly and she finds all her beliefs getting shattered, one by one.

Shivalika’s secret has already created havoc once in her life. Will she be able to overcome it to find her happily-ever-after with VK or will the pain of it destroy every chance of finding true love and healing?

If You Let Me Go is a standalone sweet romance novel in the First Love Billionaire Romance series.

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Drama

Pages: 154

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.2/5

Shivalika is a career-focused interior designer determined not to fall in love. In comes VK, who is not only jaw-droppingly gorgeous but also her new boss. To add to it, he has a girlfriend, who is everything that Shivalika isn’t; zero figured and chic! Why is Shivalika bothered by all this when she doesn’t want to get into kind of a relationship though? Are her thoughts around the concept of love finally changing?

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What I liked about the book:
-> The protagonist, Shivalika is a career-minded and self-made girl. I loved her clarity of thought and confidence around her work.
-> The family members are well etched, especially Shivalika’s grandmother. The office colleagues too are well-drawn characters, people whom one actually meets in real work life and not just put into the story for the sake of it.
-> The part about why Shivalika becomes averse to love and relationships is well hidden maintaining a curiosity in the reader’s mind as to what must have happened in the past.
-> After a long time, I read a sweet office romance story that hit all the right notes. It had the correct measure of love, friendship, and heartbreak thrown in.
-> I loved all the characterizations and also the descriptions of places, clothes, and makeup; I especially enjoyed how Paris and the visit to Eiffel Tower are narrated.
-> The narrative flowed smoothly and the chapters were short and engaging.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The character of Maurice could be more twisted to add fuel to their chemistry.
-> I found the referring of male protagonist as VK a little off-putting.
-> Though the side characters are many and varied, most of them lacked depth. I would’ve liked a few more scenes with their involvement and dialogues, especially Shivalika’s twin brothers, her father and her best friend Aloka.

Quotable quotes:
-> If two people love each other and want to be together, even if they belong to the same gender, why should anyone object?
-> They really suited each other, both of them so arrogant and bossy- she had to laugh at that one: bossy… a boss was supposed to be bossy, right?
-> It always bugged her that when they called for takeaway, the guys in the office just sat back and waited for the girls to serve the food.
-> We have no control over life, death, diseases, but we have to face situations that confront us and then move on. That is the way of the world.
-> One can’t choose whom to love. It happens as and when it does.
-> Love makes one reckless.
-> You could not choose who you fell in love with.
-> Make a killing where you see a lacuna. Or void. Nature abhors a vacuum.
->Feeling empathy for anyone is very good but you’ve got to think with a clear mind too.
-> Love can happen to the best of people with the worst of people. Can one control who one loves? No, one cannot.
-> How could anyone could to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower? I’m sorry there’s no answer to that question because it is not a logical question. It should not be asked at all.
-> Falling in love could happen anytime and with anyone. It was not right to judge anyone.
-> “So you go very often to the Qutub Minar?”
“Whenever I am overwhelmed, I imagine myself standing at the top of it. You know, there is a ledge where you can stand and look at the world around, and I see those tiny specks of humanity of which I am a part and wonder how big can my problem be in the larger scheme of things.”
-> Shivalika shrugged her shoulders. She really couldn’t be worried too much about other people’s problems when she had enough of her own to face and solve.
->The path of true love never did run smooth.
->Sweet memories were made of the special moments you shared with those you love, given an opportunity.
-> VK’s lips on hers felt so right. It was like she’d come home.
-> Office goers can take any occasion and make it a reason to have a party.
-> She found it quite silly that people insisted that one could only have fun if one was drunk.
-> The gloss of money envelopes you in a particular sheen that acts as an armour, gives you a shot of super confidence and makes you oblivious to other people’s feelings.
-> At least work did not cheat you and leave you with unrequited love. It always gave back more than you gave it.
-> Life was always tough for a working girl.
-> What makes you think that one can dictate to the heart about what or who to love?
-> Memories are meant to make us strong and give us courage to move forward. They are definitely not supposed to become shackles that stop our growth.
->Parents always take great pride in what their children do.
-> Parents never stop loving their children how much ever they hurt them.
-> Time is a great healer, people often said, but she wondered if those people had ever suffered a loss so deep it felt like the soul was hurt.
-> Whoever loves more, says it.

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