Types of People

Two types of people in this world,

Those who think,

‘I don’t need to do this, somebody else will.’

And those who question,

‘If I don’t do this, who else will?’

Those who think,

‘This will bother someone, let me fix it.’

Those who question,

This doesn’t bother me, why should I waste time fixing it?’

Those who believe,

‘I’m good the way I am, people will adjust.’

Those who ponder,

‘Maybe I need to change, not all people will adjust’

Those who question,

‘I am better than them, why can’t I be at their position?’

Those who think,

‘I am good too, but they must be doing something different than I am, let’s learn from them.’

Did you find yourself in any of these people?

Which one are you?


Thank you for reading. 

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