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Letters from Heaven by Surabhi Sharma

Book blurb:

Letters from her dead husband arrive suddenly for Radhika one day. Grief-stricken at having lost her husband to cancer a few months ago, she is learning to live without him. Trying to cope with life and accept the reality that he is no more. Are the letters messages for her from the beyond?
Baffled by the letters, Radhika tries to unravel the truth behind the letters. Is her husband trying to send her messages? Can she believe in the letters? Do the letters come from Heaven? Is someone playing a prank on her or have they truly have come from the stars? Is it possible to communicate in the afterlife? This is a story about the power of love – in life and the afterlife.
A definite page-turner that will touch your soul.

Genre: Fiction/Short stories

Pages: 32

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.9/5

Radhika and her husband Arun have been married for 45 years; until death does them apart. Arun passes away due to a chronic illness, leaving behind a heartbroken Radhika. While trying to get over her grief, Radhika starts receiving letters from Arun, who corresponds with her from heaven, sharing with her the updates about his afterlife. Radhika starts feeling miffed because Arun seems to be happy and content without her in heaven. Will Radhika be able to find her happiness again too?

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> It sends out a beautiful message that those who truly love us, always want us to be happy, with our without them by our side.
-> It teaches a lesson that life must goes on and one should embrace it as it comes.
-> The way it hints that in trying to chase our every day schedules and fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, we forget to focus on our aims and dreams, or on what we really want to do.
-> Though the story comes across as a fantasy, the plot is totally believable.
–> It is a happy and optimistic story which makes you believe in yourself, making you understand that, ‘life goes on’. I loved how this message is subtly woven into the story line.
-> It is a short, sweet and heartwarming tale, perfect for a quick read. Not all love stories need to be mushy and this book is the perfect example. I especially loved the way the companionship and caring between the husband and wife has been portrayed.

What I did not like about the book:
-> At times it felt the whole story just rotated around Radhika. Maybe a little bit more about the characters other than her would have added more depth.
-> The story is a little slow-paced.

Quotable quotes:
-> Darkness became her solace, her escapism, where she quietly talked to the one she had lost and felt his presence.
-> No one had written to her in years after the communication technology progressed to phones.
->Forty-five years is a long time to spend with someone.
-> Souls do not need a passport and visa.
->Forty-five years flew by in fulfilling our responsibilities and social obligations. When time seemed in hand, age took a toll and did not allow us to do what we had procrastinated about. I wish we had cared less for society and more for us. We could have done what we had wanted.
-> Time can be a best friend and a loyal enemy.
-> Let’s not think about what we can’t and do what we still can.

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