I Met My Past Self Today (A Poem)

She’s 15,

I’m 32.

She’s trying to fit in,

I’m standing out.

She’s afraid of failures,

I’m learning from my mistakes.

She’s keeping her feelings bottled up and maintains a secret dairy,

I’m letting it all out and my life is an open book.

She thinks she’s lesser than others,

I believe my only comparison is with her.

She’s a shadow of my past,

I’m a reflection of her experiences.

She’s conscious of her looks and body, constantly thinking, “I don’t have the perfect body.”

I am confident of my body, constantly reminding myself, “The perfect body is a myth and I’m working hard to keep my body fit and healthy.”

She uses her words to bring comfort to her mind,

I use my words to send out a message.

She craves love and attention to validate everything she does,

I love myself enough to know what I wear, think, and do, doesn’t need approval from others.

She hides behind books finding solace in fiction that life fails to provide,

I talk about books, helping myself and others find truth via fiction, making life a little better.

She avoided talking to people, not knowing what and how to talk,

I listen to people, knowing I don’t need to talk and definitely don’t have to avoid people because I can’t talk much.

Have you met this girl or the woman she has become?


I came across an old photograph of mine that prompted me to think about how I’m different from the girl who I used to be as a teenager.

Thank you for reading.


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