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My Soul Rants by Gurpreet Dhariwal

Book blurb:

My Soul Rants is my first poetry book emphasizing on how we deal with darkness in different phases of life to find the path of light again. Words are weapon and I use mine to uplift others with sheer grace and strength. May you find comfort in my words.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 127

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 50 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.3/5

This book is a collection of 60 poems (or sixty different rants gathered together as proses). The big and small poems touch upon love, birth, and death, darkness, enlightenment, and breakup. They share different perspectives of life taking us on a journey of emotions through the depiction of cruel incidences relating to heartbreaks & love.

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:

-> The poetess uses a simple yet effective way of portraying her thoughts, which is well expressed.
-> The book is written as a voice for all people who have gone through tough times or have faced some kind of heartbreak in life.
-> The poems teach us positive and needful things like overcoming our fears and taking on the world, and how we deal with darkness in life. They show the world we live in, which is not a good one at all times, and how to live in such a world.
-> The poems are bold but simple and straightforward, making them relatable and easy to grasp.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The book tends to get monotonous due to the length and theme of the poems.
-> The poems talk about hope, feminism, and self-evolution which have become a necessity in today’s time. However, these have also become somewhat clichéd in the literature world.
(This is totally a ‘me’ thing because lately, I have read many poetry books focused only on this theme)

Quotable quotes:

-> We all have a dark side that scowls at us when we are alone.
-> The road of life is beautiful despite its trials and tribulations.
->People are not saints by their wish,
They’re just forced by others,
To act either as a devil or a witch
->For all the years I tried to forgive,
For all the years I tried to believe,
I want to let you know,
Now I won’t
->Take one moment of sorrow
And show the world,
How hard you strike back at any cost.
->Last night
I discovered less of “me”
And more of “you”
Last night
You made me believe in stars
With your spark
->You were a loser,
You still are,
Because you never won.
->I better be your bed,
Where we can lay down with crossed legs,
I better be your rain,
Tie me with your heart,
Like a gold chain.
->No honey!
I don’t lie,
That’s who I am,
Some of your truth and my lies.
-> I am seeking your faith
With grace
I am seeking your fingers
Touching my face
I am seeking your soul
Touching my soul
->Time to remind myself,
That I’m not the one, who has seen the worst,
There’s a long queue in this world.
->You are in everything that I feel and see
That’s the beauty of your soul to me
->Light is on
Let it flow
Let yourself fly
Leave an imprint
Before you go
->Just get up from the chair
This is your time to shine
Let yourself be vulnerable
Let your weakness be your armor
You were born to shine.
-> Sometimes we shine
Sometimes we show the plight
We learn
We need to grow up
We need to unlearn
Could be your only last time
Have you ever wondered?
->Take a pledge,
Keep your hope high,
Just let it go,
The pain that hurts your soul,
The sigh of relief,
You are going to live it,
Be your own damn light.
->Distance only matters when feelings are not true.
->If I can make a human right from wrong,
If I can help to make someone strong,
If I can cheer somebody with a smile and a song,
Oh Lord, show me how?
If I can aid someone in distress,
If I can make their burden less,
If I can spread some happiness,
Oh Lord, show me how?
->Do not give attention to those
Who don’t believe in you
Believe in yourself and prove your words,
As they are real and true.
->I got to know…
The heart that bleeds…beats,
The hands that pray…forever stay,
The eyes that see the good when it’s dark,
Let it be your light,
Let it be your soul,
Let it be your voice,
Let it be your pride.
-> The whole fucking world is after you,
Some want to change your way of thinking,
Some want to change your appearance,
Some want to change your identity.
->Days aren’t sad,
It’s just us going through a bad phase.
Days aren’t good,
It’s just us lifting ourselves up.
Days aren’t tired,
It’s our soul giving up.
Days aren’t dead,
It’s our brain that needs the rest.
-> Be a mirror
Be a reflection of good thoughts
No bad memories
No harsh words
No hatred
Take an oath
Love yourself more.
->All your life you meet people to know your worth
For once
Just for your sake
Know yourself
Become your own friend
Trust me
You won’t need anyone anymore
-> We all have lost,
We all have been hurt,
We all have faced miseries,
We all fought our battles alone,
Yet we live
We walk
We breathe
We smile

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