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Love Has No Time Frame by Jasmeet Walia

Book blurb:

Hailing from a conservative family, life changed for the better for Amaira after her parents unexpectedly die in an accident. She sets off on a mission to fulfill her ambitions, which she couldn’t accomplish earlier.

However, life takes an unexpected turns and twists when she enters into the maze of infidelity. Conscious of her deeds, she leaves everything behind and lives her life in guilt.

Life is full of complexities, yet gives a fair chance too. Will Amaira get back what she has lost?

Set in the backdrop of Kolkata, this book unfolds the turmoils of the past, journey of perseverance, dreams of opportunities, and mirage of love.

Genre: Fiction/ Romantic Short Story

Pages: 44

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.9/5

Amaira’s world takes a 360 turn when she loses her parents in an accident. Because her life revolved around their caretaking, she lands upon newfound freedom. With a little support from her sister (Sarika) and her husband (Mihir), she finds her individuality enabling her to follow her ambitions. But, while doing so, she falters in her personal life by getting involved with someone she isn’t supposed to. Are the worst days of her life not over for Amaira yet?

Book cover taken from Amazon

What I liked about the book:
-> A simple story about family, love, tragedy, and loss.
-> The poems in the book are just superb.
-> Though the characters all have a grey shade, we actually feel for them rather than hating them.
-> The story very poignantly points out that when it comes to marriage/relationship going bad it’s a two-way street.
-> It sends out an underlying message that a loveless marriage/relationship doesn’t hold for long, and that sooner or later, one of the partners will turn to someone else of the opposite sex in search of love (and sex too)
-> The twist in the end. It leaves you admiring a character who might be your least favorite in the story so far.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The mixing up of tenses (‘has’ instead of ‘had’, ‘will’ instead of ‘would’, and so on)
-> The bog reveal that unfolds at the end felt a bit rushed in. It would have been better to transpire it in a different way.

Quotable quotes:
-> These birds were so lucky. They could choose to fly and rest without caring for anyone’s consent. There were no chains of societal pressure to restrain their movements nor any culture to clip off their wings from flying with uninterrupted liberty to fulfill their dreams.
-> The barbaric conclusion that once your daughter gets married, and you should not interfere in her family life, has always been adopted by Indian parents to dust off their hands from claiming responsibilities. And Indian daughters have involuntarily learned to disguise themselves into a persona that is expected of them.
-> Death has its own excuses to embrace someone without looking at the calendar.
->Poverty never follows a rule book of wisdom and dignity.
->People have multiple shades in them.
-> If your passion bores you, then it is no longer a part of you, but just your source of income. You inevitably dislike your work and waste half your life lamenting over wrong choices and in frustration.
-> Sometimes, when you are not happy in a relationship, you break all barriers in finding faults in your partner to prove that you are right.
-> What’s the purpose of your life if you coil a chain of restrictions around your soul? I agree that some things are sinful but some guilts have their charm.
-> I can’t understand how feelings and costumes are interconnected.
-> Life is full of complexities. If you have entered a room of hope which has no window of opportunities, immediately make an exit. It is high time for you to wear a robe of rejuvenation.
-> The heart is the only organ that sympathizes with you but will mock you too.
-> We cannot restore every rust with a lubricant. It becomes a scrap.
-> Some memories always pervade with raw texture.
-> Feelings are the unpronounced sensation of a heart that is sometimes sculptured with an invisible dent.
->Love follows no norms. It is a natural feeling which develops without caring for the time and relationship.
->Some mistakes are better dug in the graveyard of the past than letting others see your history in the open coffin.

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