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Five Petals by Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

Book blurb:

‘Five Petals’ is a work of fiction & is a collection of short stories capturing different emotions like, betrayal, humour, adventure, expectation & trust. The stories help the readers to get a peek into the lives of the main characters that are very relatable to any common man. It captures the interesting ways they adopt to navigate through their hardships or troubled situations. It is an attempt to showcase the perception of LIFE from different angles…

Genre: Fiction/Short stories

Pages: 35 pages

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/0.99

My ratings: 4.7/5

A collection of 5 short stories titled Life: A Roller Coaster Ride!, Quarantined With Family, Dream Or Nightmare, Neetu & Aja, and Beyond Borders- A story of a couple- Uncle John and Aunt Meenu whose love has withstood time; each beautifully depicting life’s varied colors and teaching us some amazing lessons too.

Book cover taken from Amazon

Stories that connect and reflect.

What I liked about the book:
-> The author is a good observer and expresses emotions and relations well.
-> The situations and characters are extremely relatable.
->Each of the five stories is a revelation imparting lessons.
-> The five different stories are very skillfully woven just like the beautiful cover page and the thoughtful title! Each story has a deep-rooted meaning or a life lesson.
-> Loved the way the author has managed to fit in different story forms including the suspense and horror genre.
-> The tales encapsulate different emotions like love, betrayal, adventures, humor, expectations, resilience, and trust that take the reader on a roller coaster ride of feelings.

What I did not like about the book:
-> I wish the book had more stories.
-> Most of the stories ended with a bittersweet feeling, leaving the reader wanting for more.

Quotable quotes:
-> Life is unexpected and takes twists and turns whenever one least expects it. It is beyond anyone’s understanding and probably the only way is to go with the flow.
-> Just pause and see that we have every reason to be happy.
-> One doesn’t need anyone’s validation to accept that they are competent.
-> When there is a difficulty we all have to come back to our inner circle of defense. That is our own family.
-> There is nothing wrong with doing social work but that should not come at the cost of your own family’s happiness.
-> Having a family is a blessing. Everything else is secondary.
-> To be self-reliant, one has to take some bold steps.
-> The problem with most big companies is that employee satisfaction is the last thing on their list. The main priority is revenue generation.
-> Finish up your business if you start something. One has to give it all and see if you pass or fail. Without giving it all we will never understand where we went wrong if something does not work out.
->We learn more from our mistakes than from our accomplishments.
->A plant can be given any amount of care, fertilizers, timely exposure to sunlight but unless it takes up the effort by itself to absorb the nutrients it is of no use. If it did not know to do so, it won’t be able to survive the test of time.
-> When love is pure it can conquer any hassle and overcome any barrier.
-> Love is the biggest power and the greatest healer to all our sufferings.
-> Trust is the foundation on which love can blossom.

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