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A Girl on the Run: A tale of Self-discovery and Love by Namita Ahluwalia

Book blurb:

The chirping of the birds was her haven,
She dreaded a blink and it will all disappear

Till now, twenty-four-year-old Meera’s life has been a fairy tale. A daddy’s little girl, she never had to struggle for anything. But all of a sudden, she finds herself at a crossroads. Now, she has to make a life-changing decision, to take a leap of faith or surrender to her misery.

Meanwhile, Sid, a best-selling author is at the crossroads too. He is desperately on the lookout for the next big idea that will keep his journey as a writer alive.

What happens when Meera and Sid cross paths?
Will sparks fly between them?
Will the two discover the true meaning of life while changing each other’s perspective?

This debut novel, A Girl on the Run, is a coming of age, short read that delves into the lives of two extremely opposite individuals, mysterious personalities, each wanting to break free from the mundaneness of life and discover love in the process.

Genre: Fiction/ Romantic Drama

Pages: 60

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 79 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback (available only in the US): $3.70

My Ratings: 3.8/5

Meera is a runaway bride, who escapes from the clutches of a wedlock she knew she’d not be happy in. She lands up at the doorstep of her once BFF, Priya, who helps her land a job as a receptionist at her brother’s hotel in Mussoorie. Meera befriends Sid, one of the esteemed guests here. As they grow closer, Meera’s past catches up to her. Will she have to run again?

Book cover taken from Amazon

A light-hearted story of self-discovery.

What I liked about the book:
-> Runaway brides are cliché but this story succeeds in giving us a glimpse of the struggles and transformation that the protagonist goes through, there is positive character growth and development all through, and that’s what makes it interesting.
-> Meera realizes her mistakes and flaws from the past and consciously works on these.
-> The story sends out an important message that one should cut off from technology and social media once in a while, in order to enjoy and appreciate the simple joys of life.
-> The way Meera manages to juggle everything and adjusts to her new life in Mussorie. She works as a receptionist, as a waitress after working hours to learn and follow her passion for cooking, and even pens down poetry in her room after work. What I liked most was how she never complains or is shown to be grumpy despite having very basic facilities.
-> How ultimately Meera decides to face the truth and follows her heart’s call to pursue a career in something she genuinely likes doing.
-> Meera and Sid have differing personalities, and yet, the one common thing; that Sid shys away from having a social media presence despite being a bestselling author, and Meera too grows to be distant from phones and social media.
-> The way life and places in Mussorie have been described and narrated.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The relationship between Meera and her best-friend, Priya, could have been more developed. Priya seemed to be upset at Meera at some points however at other times, it felt as though she had completely forgotten about their spite and was no longer upset, and then she even warns Sid about her, seeming a bit indifferent about what happens to Meera. This felt a bit odd and upsetting as a reader.
-> Though the climax is very peaceful and leaves you satisfied, some more explorations from the lead characters, especially Sid, might have added more charm to the story.

Quotable quotes:
-> Running away is never a solution. You should first ask somebody for help.
-> She was beautiful and could speak her mind, a combination that was bound to attract attention.
-> A big brother is like a father figure and when he deceives, it is devastating.
-> She was not a flirtatious person. She was intelligent and could hold conversations with men. Hence, she came across as a person capable of flirting.
-> He was a storyteller, he loved unraveling the minds of people he found distinct.
-> I am a writer and can sense many things just by observation.
-> Not everybody can chase their dreams. Some have to earn to live.
-> At least once, forget your phone in the drawer and breathe free. Detach yourself from the world. No anxiety, no beeps to distract, no rush to take photos, it’s wonderful. It’s like you’re unburdening the unnecessary shit that weighs you down.. it’s like finally, you’re living in the present.
-> Do you ever wonder about snowflakes? Such a tiny existence. In a matter of seconds, they merge into something huge and are gone. It is as if they never existed. They didn’t have any identity whatsoever. We’re the same. As if we too are running to someplace…and in a fraction of time, we will be gone, merged with something huge, no identity, body, or shape.
-> No amount of running is going to help because you have to face your demons sooner or later.
-> The chirping of the birds was her haven,
She dreaded a blink and it will all disappear.

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