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The Truth: A Story of Love, Hate, and Secrets by Nishant Chaturvedi

Book blurb:

The Truth is a suspense thriller that will keep you at the cliff. It is a story about a man suffering from short time memory loss who is searching for some answers related to his missing wife.

This journey is all about finding the answers until he discovers something nasty which was better hidden.

Genre: Fiction/ Murder Mystery

Pages: 33

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Rating: 3.6/5

Daniel has had a difficult childhood. He goes through therapy and slowly gets better. However, he still suffers from short-term memory loss. Things begin to get better after he falls in love and marries Karen. Their marital bliss gets hampered when Karen goes missing one day. A body matching her appearance and clothes is found at a park. Daniel refuses to believe that it’s Karen. If it, then who murdered her?. If it isn’t, where is she? The mystery becomes even more gripping as Daniel has doesn’t clearly remember what happened on the day he last saw Karen.

Book cover taken from Amazon

The truth can sometimes be a disturbing self-revelation.

What I liked about the book:
-> The build-up to the climax is well executed.
-> The narrative is from Daniel and Karen’s POVs which helps us understand the flow and characters better.
-> It sends out an important message that a traumatic and abusive childhood leads to severe mental problems later on in life.
-> The story highlights the fact that one’s past mistakes or secrets about past life can be used for blackmail by enemies or those who are jealous of our happiness.

What I did not like about the book:
-> It felt a bit rushed.
-> A certain things remained unanswered or were left to the imagination of the reader.

Quotable quotes:
-> I am searching for some answers. We all search for answers. More importantly, we search for the right answers. Those right answers are called the truth. We may or may not like the truth but the reality is it is the most supreme thing in the world to which all must bow down.
-> I have entered into the wise club of the 30s. This jump of 29 to 30 feels more than just a year. It’s like yesterday I was a young girl playing under the branches of the willow tree and suddenly I am a grown woman. Perhaps I am over-emphasizing. I have always been like that, over imagining stuff.
-> There was silence again. I did not know how to reply. It was that ambiguous feeling which you do not know how to put into words.
-> What do you do when your biggest fear turns real? When the walls inside your head start caging you in? When you have the toughest choice to make? When either side of the edge you are hanging to is death? You just stay numb.
->A deal is offered not forced.
-> We are like free wind gushing all around the corner. Sometimes marauding the brazen land while sometimes breezing through the blossoming plants. But eventually, we end up where we are destined to be.
-> In our journey of kissing the sun, we have to tread upon the thorns. This journey is called life.
-> Sometimes it is better not to know all the answers.

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