Writing Tips and Tricks

How to Write A Piece That Resonates

“Authenticity is what makes a relatable person believable. It is what makes the relatability sustainable. Anyone can fake relatability for a time, but authenticity is what makes it real.”- Michele Jennae

1. Write about your experiences

Despite what we think, and however mundane our every day might seem, our experiences are what make us unique.

Sharing these with the world might help someone out there, not just in learning, but also in relating to a similar experience they might have gone through. Be it a travel experience, a new recipe you tried, or a recovery you made, you never know when you might end up making someone smile or making their day better.

You never know when you might end up making someone smile or making their day better.


2. Write on current topics/events

What is happening in your country, city, or neighborhood? Let people read what your thoughts are about the current events, be it a political rally, some new rules, and regulations, an injustice you feel needs to be spoken about; there are so many things people need to address and read.

Writing about what is current, relevant and necessary, will help people find their own voice within yours.


3. Write on issues you feel strongly about

The world has burning issues, from equal rights to global warming. These might be affecting you directly or indirectly on most days. How do you deal with them and what kind of solutions/ steps are you taking to curb these problems. Write about these and people(readers) are sure to find it helpful as well as relatable.

The world has burning issues right from equal rights to global warming, that need a voice.

Thank you for reading.


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