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How To Give a Title to Your Writings?

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”-Robert Frost

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They say that well begun is half done. For a writer, that well-begun happens through the title of their writings. Especially in the age of the internet, and shortening attention spans, we can only grab the attention of potential readers through our story titles.

For a writer, well-begun happens through the title of their writing.

I’m no expert in this area, but in my little experience, what I’ve learned is the following:

1. Determine what kind/form of writing it is: blog post, poem, a or short story

Just like we (on a general basis) cannot have the same name for people and pets (imagine a human being and a dog both named ‘Skippy’ or ‘Peanut’), we should avoid giving similar titles to various forms and genres of writing as well.

So the first basic step is to identify the kind and form of writing you have indulged in.

Ask yourself: is it a blog post, an article, a poem, or a short story?

Example titles:

  • Blog post: How to Give an Appropriate Title to Your Story
  • Poem: Titling or My Story Title
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2. Determine the most important message being conveyed by the piece.

The underlying theme or message of your writing will help you determine how to give it a title. Not to mention it also helps the readers get an idea of what to expect from your piece.

For instance, if you are writing about feminism or equal rights, make sure to include those words in your title.

An example title: Why Feminism At Home Matters More Than it Does At Workplaces

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3. Remember the KISS (Keep it simple and short)

Lengthy titles tend to discourage potential readers from reading the piece, especially if it’s on the internet. Misleading or clickbait titles are also a big no-no. This is especially because, if after reading the story the readers are displeased and find no relevance between the title and the content of the story, they will not read your next one. Why does that matter? Because if you’re a serious writer and aim to write regularly, you don’t want to lose potential regular readers.

So, remember the KISS formula while coming up with story titles for your pieces. Meaning, keep the title simple and short.

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Thank you for reading.


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