I Can, But I Can’t ~ A Poem

I can’t hold a conversation for long, 

But I can listen to someone talk for hours. 

I can’t drive, 

But I can find my way around new places quite easily. 

I can’t swim, 

But I can stay afloat during stressful times and more importantly, not drown in self-pity. 

I can’t dance,

But I can make others dance to my tunes if the situation demands so. 

I can’t sing, 

But I know the lyrics of the least popular and unknown songs. 

I can’t bake, 

But I know the best places and home bakers who can satiate my sweet tooth. 

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

I recently interacted with friends and followers on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp) where I asked everyone their age and what they can’t do. It began with my own confession, 

“I’m 32, and I can’t hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes.”

It led to a surprisingly cathartic experience where people confessed their hearts out. Maybe it will help you feel better too.

Thank you for reading.


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