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Groomnapped (The Groom Series Book 1) by Sundari Venkatraman

Book blurb:

The lovely and feisty Surekha is the eldest of three daughters of a carpenter from the wrong side of the tracks. She teaches science and maths in the Bihar Public School.

Ameya is the only son of a millionaire farmer-cum-builder and over and above that, he’s educated too.

They meet and fall in love quite easily, the drawback being the dowry system prevalent in Bihar. With Ameya’s parents expecting a huge dowry and Surekha’s parents having a tough time eking a living out of their humble income, it seems like the match between the two lovers is one made in hell.

Ameya isn’t one to take things lying on his back. But when the parents who adore him otherwise are so set against the marriage, will he be able to make Surekha his?

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Drama

Pages: 92

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 3.8/5

Book cover taken from Amazon

Love is beyond societal rules and expectations.

What I liked about the book:
-> How Ameya and her family are shown to be so broad-minded despite their financial standing and circumstances.
-> The apt portrayal of our society wherein, despite the prospective groom, being not so good looking, earning less, or having no proper financial stability, expects a dowry, only because he belongs to the supposedly inferior gender.
-> Despite being a short read, the book conveys many positive social messages, the biggest one being that of patriarchy.
-> Ameya’s thinking is shown to be different than most men of his city and state. This is because of his higher education and possible exposure to a world where women as treated as equals. I loved how, via this, the author has highlighted the importance of good education.

What I did not like about the book:
-> I wish there was more depth to the characters and especially to the plotline.
-> A little bit of drama between the families, in accepting Ameya and Surekha, might have added more fun; especially before the epilogue.

Quotable quotes:
-> There are no ethics left in this world anymore.
-> Weddings were a great time to take licenses. Most of the love affairs began with wedding galas. It was an exciting time for youngsters to rub shoulders with the opposite sex.
-> People will gossip whatever we do. Can we stop living because of that?
-> It is very rare these days that young men want to spend time with their parents.
-> If we live our lives to suit the world, we won’t have a life at all, at least not one that we want for ourselves.
-> People could be cruel when they got a chance to shame someone they knew.
-> Only education is going to help us all if we want to get out of our poverty.
-> Why should we buckle down to society’s stupid diktats? They are not going to suffer after we spend money that we don’t have.

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