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SEVEN COLORS OF LOVE : Love conquers by Pramod Rajput

Book blurb:

Raj turned back to look at Gauri. Her hair was disheveled. Her face was not glowing as before. For the first time, he saw a common girl in her and no longer an angel. Gauri was unable to see the tears in his eyes from that distance. Raj cried his heart out all the way home. The road was deserted except for his sobs which reverberated against the surrounding hills and rocks, turning into an echo that only his soul could hear. It was the echo of a broken heart that Raj heard for the first time.

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Pages: 326 pages

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

My Ratings: 3.6/5

Raj moves to Pittorgarh owing to his father’s transfer. He is unhappy because he had to leave behind his old friends and more importantly, his love interest. But he soon find himself drawn to his college classmate, Sanjana. They fall in love and get married after facing a lot of challenges. Will their love stand the test of time and many other hurdles that destiny hurls their way, especially when Raj keeps coming across his past?

Book cover taken from Amazon

Love in all ages and stages of life.

What I liked about the book:
-> The gorgeous cover.
-> How the lead characters are high achievers, and deeply driven regarding their studies and their professional lives.
-> Raj and Sanjana’s story is very sweet, as to how they fall in love, try to convince their families, and ultimately take a decision on their own.
-> The twists in the second half of the book keep the interest of reader at peak.
-> The school memories of Raj are very nostalgic and will make one remember their own first crush or love.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The narration is very matter-of-fact and conversational, with unnecessary descriptions. It felt like someone describing a scene line to line like: This is a man. He is 17 years old. He is wearing a blue shirt. and so on.
-> It felt like the story was justifying infidelity and having multiple lovers.
-> The way Sanjana just blindly trusts Raj.

Quotable quotes:
->Talking it out is the best way out of certain situations. It is better than staying in a cloud of constant confusion.
-> The power of love has the ability to transform people with its beauty and surreality.
-> It is high time people evolved from ancient traditions and dated social practices.
-> Time passes as it always does. It doesn’t stand still for anyone, however important that person might be.
-> How can a mother’s heart be at ease when her offspring suffered before her eyes?
-> Small sacrifices have to be made to achieve big goals in life.
-> Their struggles had taught them a lot and played an important role in making them better human beings.
->It is true that the path of true love is not easy, but true love gives you the courage to walk on difficult paths with a smile because your partner stays by you.
-> One can have far superior qualities than being proficient in the English language. After all English is just a language, a means to communicate.
->As a teacher, one’s job is not only to give knowledge but also to guide the students properly in their troubles.
-> What you see from outside, do you call it beauty? Anybody can look beautiful from the outside because of branded clothes and make-up because it hides the dirt inside. Real beauty lies inside.
-> It is very easy to die in love. But it is difficult for to live for the people you love and to do everything you can to protect them and make them happy. True lovers can live in pain but they cannot let any harm come to the people they love.

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