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STONED! The Untold Story of CO-Weed-20 by Gautam Mayekar

Book blurb:

Amar- the man from the future, is narrating his story into the Voice Data Recorder of Time machine through which he has traveled back in time. He is alone & stuck in the machine with no expertise or knowledge to operate it. With Mohit – the one who built this Time Machine, having tested CO-Weed-20 positive and gone to sleep permanently, just like the entire population of Mumbai city; Amar is left only with a stash of weed and wait of twelve hours until the machine disintegrates.
Before it does, Amar will reveal the secrets behind the production of the deadly drug – CO-Weed-20 and how it all went awry.
Who is Amar?
Will he survive & eventually save the world? Or will he get beaten by the mysterious Thakur from his dreams again?

Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller

Pages: 89

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

My Ratings: 3.8/5

Amar, the protagonist of this story, considers himself a superhero. He goes back in time to ‘save the world’. But he loses his only companion and also the builder of the time machine. Will he be able to save himself and the world in the 12-hour deadline?

Book cover taken from Amazon

Fly high with this quirky time-travel tale

What I liked about the book:
-> This is the first Indian-based time-travel book I’ve read so that’s definitely a catch.
-> How the protagonist considers himself a superhero because of (or rather despite) what he does, which in hindsight might be looked upon as shady.
-> The inclusion of popular artists and media like Nucleya, Thug Life meme, etc, in the story, that made it a fun read.
-> The quirky and sarcastic narration and action of the characters. This had me chuckling through most of the book.
-> The C0-Weed Valentine’s Week twist. I was laughing my head off in this chapter, where the characters celebrated each day of Valentine’s week like Rose Day, Chocolate Day, in their own manner by inculcating their stoned *ahem traits in it.
-> The satirical take on the current political scenario in India.

What I did not like about the book:
-> There were instances that left me confused and I had to read some bits multiple times to understand what the author was trying to convey.

Quotable quotes:
-> Scientists like to believe in outer space theory and ignore the ground reality.
-> It’s funny how only the drug peddlers are arrested when the whole country is busy peddling and making shady deals over all the infrastructure projects.
-> I find women strolling around with party dresses and skimpy outfits. Nothing new. People do it in malls anyway; they roam around as if they have come for partying and not shopping.
->It didn’t make sense. Right. But, then most things in life don’t make sense either. And yet, we carry on with a glimmer of hope and our lives at stake.
-> We are all animals, after all, mating and wanting to be each other’s mates.

-> That’s the beauty of being a stoner; your apologies are always rolled in.
-> The Swades or Rang De Basanti style revolution only happens in movies. In real life, changing the world and the people is not as easy as baking your cake and eating it too. When people question your rational thinking, you ignore it; you run. That’s the harsh truth.
-> Love and infatuation can make you ignore your God.
-> We are in a country where the sarcastic humor by our PM is considered derogatory.
-> Being in love with someone is like being high daily. And when that person likes you high and stoned, numerous possible permutations and combinations are running through your mind, and all end up converging on only one thought. That you got to love them daily, till the end of your life.
->For the first time in my life, it wasn’t the way someone smiled that attracted me towards her; it was the way she took the last drag of that joint, slowly and then all at once.
-> A famous Urdu poet once said, “Hazaaron milengi tuze sanskaari auratein, asli pyaar wahi hain jo dilaayein tuze yeh botalein” and then he raised his whisky bottle, drank from it, and went on to write some of the greatest love shayaris, truly an inspiration.
->When you are high as f*ck, everything around you talks and feels “bollywoody”.
-> Mohit, Joana and I, came in a straight line like Hrithik, Abhay and Farhan from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I could hear someone mutter Javed Sahab’s shayari, “Dilon mein ladkiyon ke liye betabi leke bhaag rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum”
-> That’s what bonding over alcohol and joint does to people. Their emotions don’t collide, they converge. And the sacrifices and respects grow larger.

->I don’t get the concept of a marathon; you basically just have to run, but why run early morning in the darkness? Guys don’t purchase sleeveless, and girls don’t buy hot yoga pants to run in the darkness.
->No matter how emotionally weak a guy you are, when a girl says “ouch”, your “what happened?” is expected as firm as iron.
->Bereft of ideas, I Googled it but was presented with the most impractical tricks. Google can be a bitch sometimes.
-> Adding a quote at the beginning of any narration gives it a weightage.
->People should not talk about riots because they don’t have an optional side to choose from. If you are neutral, you are one of them; you are one from the opposite side; that’s what they assume.
-> It’s funny how you just find things when you are high.
-> A farmer’s son is hailed as a hero only if he dies as a terrorist in this country. If a son of a farmer or school teacher dies of an overdose, no news channel will hail us.
-> It’s kind of become a thing for superheroes to save America every time and yet go on bragging, “The whole ‘world’ is in trouble; we saved the world.”
-> Cartooned characters and superheroes are nothing but stoned versions of ourselves.
->Humans like living in denial always.
-> Karma proves to be a bitch always. It shows you the best possible way to figure things out for yourself and make the world a better place. And then, it slaps you hard on the face just moments before you are about to reach your happy place.

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