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Mist – Cry of A Soul by Nigama R.V.

Book blurb:

The wind is so still, the Earth stopped spinning, Gravity lost its control and the world held its breath, but then I realized its just me feeling your heart beating in mine…

Mist – Scattered thoughts collected to a place.

Genre: Fiction/ Poetry

Pages: 77

Format: Kindle eBook

My ratings: 4.5/5

A short read of poems based on the experiences and emotions that we all go through in our lives. Pick this one for a day when you feel like your feelings need an anchor.

Book cover taken from Amazon

Love and feelings in beautiful poetic motions.

What I liked about the book:
-> The images with each poem. They set the mood of each poem perfectly, like a cherry on top of the soothing words.
-> The poems are written like a soliloquy meaning a monologue or talking to self. The 60 poems in this collection are of this type and the poet brings out variety of human emotions into picture (quite literally) with panache.
-> I have read many poetry books and can say with confidence that is one of a kind because of the backdrop of images. And, also because all the poems are very well written laced with emotions and feelings. A added bonus is that the poems touched on various themes right from love and heartbreak, desire and emotions, bravery and break-ups, and nature and life.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The mixing up of words ‘breathe’ and ‘breath’ and usage of ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’

Quotable quotes:
-> The bleeding heart, my armour…
The chaotic mind, my weapon…
The scars, my wings..
My demons, my army…
-> What’s a poet with emotions?
What’s a music without tune?
What’s a paint without colors?
What’s a life without love?
What’s me without you?
……I’m just dead!
->How would I rise with the Sun
When my soul wails in the dark.
->I find solace in your arms
Only to realise
My world is lost
Without your indifference….
->Warriors are born,
From the ashes
Of trust & hope..

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