Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Dr. Jyuthica Laghate

“Who’s poorer, the one who begs for money or those who have not enough to give away? Or are they reflecting one another and the same nature?”
― Robin Sacredfire

We’re all inspired by personalities who come from nothing and become a noteworthy person. Their lifestories inspire and motivate us to continue working towards our goals, in order to one day become successful. I’m no different and every once in a while, I pick a book that teaches me valuable lessons. One such book I recently read was The Empty Handed Altruist by Dr. Jyuthica Laghate. It tells the story of two brothers who literally grew up on the streets of India and went on to become successful businessmen.

Here’s my short review of the book.

Read my detailed review here

I’ve read Dr. Jyuthica’s Soul Seances before this. So when I reached out to her and asked her to be a guest on the Author Collaborative again, she was as sweet as she had been the previous occasion.

Before we had a chat, she read my latest book Love (Try) Angle. Here’s her short review on it.

Read Dr.Jyuthica’s detailed review here

So, tonight, I had my second, invigorating session with this sweet author.

IG handle: @arusticmind_

We talked about all things bookish and related to writing.

Check out my questions to Dr. Jyuthica.

Check out the answers to the above questions here

She had her set of questions for me as well.

Check out the answers to the above questions here

We had fun answering and picking each other’s brains over those 10 questions. Before wrapping up, it was time for some fun. So, what followed was a fun rapid fire round.

Check out the answers to the above questions here

After I got over laughing on her witty answers to those, she bombarded me with her own quirky questions.

Check out the answers to the above questions here

It was a great end to the day and surely a promising beginning to the weekend. You can have a look at our full conversation in the video below.

Buying details of the books mentioned in the video:

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