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I See You by Nidhi Bhattacherjee

Book blurb:

Aarav is a boy with a distorted face, who believes he is nothing more than an ugly being. Zoya is a blind girl who has accepted her fate since she was a child, and tries to make the most of her life. When the two meet, there is an instant attraction from both sides. But can this love survive ground-breaking changes like Zoya getting her eye-sight back? Will Zoya accept Aarav for who he is? Or will she break her heart like everyone else?

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Short Story

Pages: 22

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 4/5

Aarav and Zoya are two negatives in a world that has shunned them because of being different. Zoya’s life is about to change after the eye surgery that will enable her to have sight. But Aarav is afraid she might think of him as ‘ugly’ just as most people around him do. Will Zoya’s love for Aarav change after seeing his physical appearance for the first time?

Book cover taken from Amazon

A short story full of positivity and life learnings

What I liked about the book:
-> Aarav’s genuineness despite having faced so much hatred. I loved how he doesn’t become a foul person because of it.
-> Zoya’s family and especially her mother who treats Aarav nicely. It goes on to show that when the parents are kind and compassionate people, it passes on to their children too.
-> The climax and the conversation between Zoya and Aarav after her surgery.
-> The quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

What I did not like about the book:
-> I wish we were shown more of Zoya’s life too, like what kind of challenges she faced and overcame as a blind girl.
-> The few typos and grammatical errors.

Quotable quotes:
-> We are all shaped by our pasts, all varied yet the same when it comes to emotions. Good and bad. A whirlpool of emotions.
-> Acceptance had surprisingly elevated her. It hadn’t been sadness to live with for the rest of her life, it’d been one less worry to worry about. She didn’t look to complete her life in the one obvious way, rather she found true beauty, true completeness in beauty. And though she’d never looked at beauty, she’d seen it.
->Entrancing the one who saw it, every opportunity dances the dance of time. Some people grab it while the dance unfolds, others watch till the end and then stare at the empty space where opportunity had once stood.
->As each second ticks by, God presents us with a beginning. Whether it’ll be new or not is up to us.
->Two puzzle pieces from two different sets of puzzles that had never quite fit in with their own kind, fit together perfectly.
->Despite being different in their religion, they were the same in the faults they believed they had.
->Their meeting had been a new beginning for both of them. And it seemed they’d started living only since then, for what they were doing before was definitely not living.
-> We don’t get happy endings, we make them. From imperfect moments and situations, we thought we would never have to face.

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