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Shaadi Ka Ladoo by Chaitali Hatiskar

Book blurb:

Content with a successful career and comfortable lifestyle, life was going great for Ved Arora. He had no intention to either date or marry; much to the dismay of his meddling family. Until one day he crossed paths with Akira and all hell broke loose. He found himself getting pulled into the chaos because of Akira. Akira was everything that he hated and Ved’s mundane existence did not excite her. Will the battle of sexes continue or will Ved finally succumb and devour the proverbial Shaadi ka laddoo?

Genre: Fiction/Romantic Comedy

Pages: 242

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 149 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.7/5

Ved Arora is a 29-year-old, achingly handsome, and surprisingly single, businessman. He has been given a one-month deadline by his (extremely dramatic and hilarious) mother to find a suitable girl for himself. When Ved reluctantly agrees, little does he know that the coming one month would lead to the drama of a lifetime. In comes Akira, who belittles, irritates and challenges him and is poles apart from him, in every possible way. Will they get to eat the Shaadi Ka Ladoo?

A laughter ride through and through.

What I liked about the book:

  • The book is much more than just a love story. It is about family, forgiveness, accepting each other, teasing each other, and second chances.
  • The relationships of the lead character (especially of Ved) with every secondary character, right from Ved’s mother, to Ved’s brother and even his extended family, including his grandmothers. cousins and uncles, and aunts.
  • The portrayal of the quintessential crazy, funny, unbelievably over-the-top, Indian family, that knows no boundaries about privacy or what to speak when.
  • The way the entire family pulls each other’s legs, especially Ved and Vedika (siblings) but are fiercely protective of each other beneath all the arguments and relentless teasing.
  • There is a hilarious banter or scenario at every page and in every chapter that makes the reader go ROFLing.
  • None of the scenes or conversations felt out of place, forced or just used as a filler.

What I did not like about the book:

  • It’s a bit too long for my taste (this is totally a me thing because I’m lately not very keen on reading books that go beyond 120 pages)
  • For the amount of time and appearance given to the side characters, I wish we could learn more them, like the story of how Vedika and Kabir fell in love, or what happened between Abhay and Tanya, etc.
  • The end monologue by Vedika felt a bit stretched.

Quotable quotes:

>Ved stared at his cup of coffee. As it is, he liked very few things in life. A strong cup of espresso was one of them.
->This is real life! You won’t magically bump into a girl one day and fall in love with her.” 
->For someone who didn’t even watch romantic movies, it was homicide to see his mother openly discuss his love life.
->Even when people buy ice creams, they taste all the flavours first.
->You test drive cars before buying that special one that suits your needs.
->Bosses didn’t need to worry about getting late.
->There was something so wonderful about coffee that never failed to put him in a better mood.
-> Friends are forever until they get in a relationship.
-> Love does not happen to geeks in college. Romance also does not happen in board rooms and office cubicles with strict deadlines.
-> “What do you want from a relationship?” 
“All the good stuff. Like morning walks. Eating peanuts on the promenade. Random movie dates. Midnight long drives. Watching the rain fall. Filing taxes together. Cooking together. Stargazing. Travelling together. Reading each other’s favourite books and comics. Just…just living a beautiful life together.”
->One broken nose had transformed the Adam’s family into a Rajshri Productions family. 
->The Earth had probably stopped rotating on its axis. Pigs were flying. Mumbai’s metro was up and running. Anything could happen now that this phenomenon had taken place. 
-> “If you don’t completely feel for someone, what compels you to stay with them? I haven’t felt such a thing. Ever. What makes you stick to them?” 
“Sometimes, it is more out of habit and familiarity than love.” 
-> “No one cares for good things or habits.”
“People and habits are not the same things. It’s difficult to let go of someone and move on like nothing happened.” 
“Sometimes, I guess, people become our habit.”
->Most of the time, people stayed in a relationship out of habit and not love. It wasn’t a great place to be in. 
-> “You know if all the humans were flavours, you would be a vanilla flavoured human being. A good vanilla flavoured human being!” 
“You make being a good person sound like a crime.”
-> Maybe the people were right. Time did fly when one did their favourite thing. 
-> “My eyes are where they should be. Thank you very much.” 
“Unlike your nose which is always in my business.” 
-> “Where did you find him?”
“On the second rack, seventh aisle of the general assorted Indian men section at Big Bazaar.”
-> When you are in love, you sit and resolve things. You don’t get drunk and speed around the town.
-> Unless you haven’t experienced something, you cannot have an opinion on it.
-> Don’t speak shit about things that you have no idea of.
-> Love truly made people do crazy, unreasonable things. God forbid if you fell for the wrong person, life turned into a personal, customized hell. What is supposed to be a celebration becomes a thorn in the side.
-> Was it better to love and loose or was it better to just wait for the right person? But how does one know who is the right person?
-> “Emperor Akbar called. He wants his joke back.” 
“The sarpanch from Harappa called, he wants the whole of you back…”
-> “We don’t have yoghurt for the dahi sakar ritual in the house right now.” 
“So vanilla ice cream?” 
-> “Different does not count as a reaction!”
“It does! Different means amazing. Different means intriguing. Different means unique. Different means you!” 
-> It is tough, but you have to compromise a lot when you are in a relationship. It’s like any other relationship in your life. They are a lifetime of work.
-> Love makes people do fanatical, out of character things. It changes a person.
-> “I think you will look sweet with a little more weight.” 
“Exactly, little weight! Not the hello, I am Ved; part-time businessman and full-time whale kind of weight.” 
-> You can hear your thoughts more clearly in silence.
-> There are no accidental meetings between souls. When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. Two people who were destined to know each other would meet sooner or later.  
-> Sometimes, one does things for the people we love even if we don’t like them.
-> You don’t need to be similar to be in a relationship. All you need is love and mutual respect for each other.
-> There is a line in every relationship that no one should cross. Even if the person is family.
-> You won’t get relationships that easily. One has to work for them, nurture them. You can’t turn a blind eye to the truth because it suits you.
-> Your contribution to this story is as much as Trump’s contribution to the USA.
-> Anger isn’t an excuse for questionable behaviour.
-> Because sometimes even an inch matters. One inch is the difference between complete sukh and complete dukh.
-> Not all lies are vicious and spoken with bad intent.
-> Sometimes, you need to have faith and wait. Sometimes, you need to wait for that one thing to happen. When that one thing happens, a lot of things fall into perspective. Then, you know what is truly important for you and you get all your answers.
-> Don’t worry. You are not supposed to have everything under control.
-> You cannot push people to do things they don’t want to.
-> Perhaps, that is how affection worked. One went out of their way to do things for the one they liked.
-> It’s funny how all your morals fly out of the window when it comes to self-preservation.
-> Families will love you no matter what. The people who share a bloodline with you are biologically programmed to love you. The surprise is when a stranger likes you.
-> I went to chat with her and she ignored me like non-vegetarians ignore paneer.”
-> We are bonkers. Everyone is completely reckless and stupid. But we have always done one thing right. And that is, we have always loved passionately. Its either absolute love or nothing. There is no in between for us.
-> We aren’t saying that work is not important. But if that works comes at the cost of your dignity, your family’s dignity, then what is the use?
-> Love needs patience, my child. There are always going to be things that you dislike, completely hate about your partner. But you can always choose to talk the differences out.Fight them out. Together. Or laugh at them together. “Good people come by rarely. And when you find them, you hold on to them.
-> That’s what partners do. Help each other. Protect each other. Stand up for each other.
-> Love was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to make people happy. It was not supposed to leave people bruised and crying.
-> There is nothing like a good moment. One has to make every moment a good moment.
-> When you love someone, you don’t let anyone hurt them. You protect them. You cherish them.
-> I know that I made a mistake. I will continue to make a lot of mistakes. But the one mistake I am never making again is letting you go.
-> When you find someone special, you hold onto them. Tightly. You don’t fight with them. You fight for them.

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