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To The Bravest Person I Know by Ayesha Chenoy

Book Blurb

From growing up with dysfunctional families to coming of age, from dealing with heartbreak, pain and grief to learning to accept and forgive, To, the Bravest Person I Know is your guide through every difficult situation. It is modern therapy delivered to you through a series of poems and a letter in verse that runs as a footnote from the beginning to the end of the book.

The poems explore the whole construct of ‘normal’, of that which was created to make people feel less normal if they don’t fit in, to make them feel ‘abnormal’. The book tells us that depression is normal, as is fear; feeling insecure is normal, as is hurting people. And bravery is about facing all of this-it’s about facing everything life
throws at you every day.

To, the Bravest Person I Know cuts through rainbows and self-righteous dross to provide a vaccine of truth, liberating and reminding us that we are all in a tunnel, and that it’s normal to feel like we may never get out. But there is light at the end of it.

About the author:

Ayesha Chenoy is currently CEO and founder of one of India’s largest independent digital advertising agencies, RepIndia. The agency has launched brands like Burger King and Gap on digital, and works with P&G, Canon, Suzuki Motorcycles, FabIndia, JSW, Tata Trusts, Adani Group, etc. Prior to this, Ayesha had started India’s first-ever Wine Investment Fund and the first-ever dating website where only women could send friend requests.

She studied economics at Cambridge University, where in 2001 she was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for Economics, previously awarded to Amartya Sen. Post that she went to the London School of Economics. She moved back to India in 2009 after a long career as an investment banker. Her only dream is to write.

Genre: Fiction/ Poetry

Pages: 147

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 188 INR/$14
  • Paperback (currently only available in India): 250 INR

My Rating: 4/5

Coupled with cute illustrations and tiny quote like poems that tug at your heartstrings and evoke a range of emotions, this book is a must-read for millennial readers.

Simple words that touch your soul.

What I liked about the book:
->Each poem is beautifully written with an apt illustration, which makes it visually appealing, besides also of course touching your heart with the words.
->The poems are short, simple, and speak about almost all genres and themes one can think of, right from love and friendship to the many bitter truths of life.
-> The book would definitely be a source of comfort for those feeling down or battling mental health issues.
-> It reminds at with each piece and word that we are not alone to be thinking, feeling and experiencing whatever emotions we are going through at any point in our lives.
-> It is a truely liberating read and a touching experience to go through each of the poems because reading them feels like it’s your own story.
-> The poems give a a deep insight for self realisation leaving us highly motivated and inspired to face the challenges that life may throw our way.

What I did not like about the book:
-> The illustrations felt daunting and taking away the charm of the written words at some points.
-> It ends rights where I was warming up and expecting it to explore more themes.

Quotable quotes:
-> You are more than your mistakes, and that no matter what, you are brave, for just trying, to make it through the day.
-> Bravery is so many different things.
-> Never were more dangerous words
Spoken than ‘but he loves me’.
-> You walked all over this bridge;
You just didn’t cross it.
-> Sometimes the greatest
Love stories
Aren’t of lovers.
-> ‘You used us.
How could you?’
And she whispered,
‘So did you.’
-> You will always be someone’s love song.
-> What I learnt through hate,
You made me unlearn through love.
-> You make me sick,
But you’re also my
Only medicine.

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