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About Me — Manali Desai

The statement, “Tell me something about yourself” always freezes me. Like how do I define myself in a few sentences strung together? It especially makes me nervous too, because it takes me back to my job hunting days and the countless interviews I gave.

After three decades of life experience on this planet, I still haven’t mastered the art of talking about myself, but I’ll try.

Hi, I’m Manali Desai.

I’m a 32-year-old, happily married (huh?) woman (still a girl at heart). We do not have any children (at least not any that we’re aware of).

A photograph of me with my husband, Manan Desai

I hail from a small town called Surat in India. I grew up and completed my schooling from there. Once I turned 18, I moved to Mumbai and have since then become a proud Mumbaikar. Currently, my husband and I are NRIs residing in the Netherlands.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies), an MBA, and an MA in English Literature; all from reputed colleges in Mumbai.

Now, I know the question that popped into your head was, “Why MA after MBA?”

Well, because, after dabbling here and there, I realized that literature is where I belong. (better late than never, right?)

If that made you roll your eyes, here’s another biggie.

My work experience is as varied as my educational degrees. I have worked as a Marketing Executive, a Teacher, and a Content Writer, only to realize that full-time jobs aren’t my thing.

I now work as a full-time freelance writer and editor cum blogger. Apart from my ad-hoc writing and editing assignments, I manage my own blog A Rustic Mind (Trivia: A Rustic Mind is my pen name on all social media platforms, including Medium) where I share book reviews, travel experiences, life anecdotes, inspiring human stories, poetry, and flash fiction.

As you can see I’m active on all major social media platforms

In my journey as a writer so far, I have also authored four solo books, been a part of two co-authored books, and edited a book for another author.

Top row: Four solo books. Bottom row: Two co-authored books

Adding more to blowing my own trumpet, I’d like to mention that four of these books have been Amazon bestsellers at one point. In fact, one of my short stories from the co-authored books titled Zista (my story title is The Walls Have Ears), also helped me bag the Best Short Story Award in 2019.

That’s me with all my book babies (barring my latest one which is not yet out in paperback and is currently only available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle)

Now that you know my name, educational and professional background, let’s move on to the less fancy and more personal bits.

What you’d like about me:

  • I’m easy to talk to. Yeah, seriously. A simple smile and a gentle word, and I’m all ears to what you gotta say.
  • I’m a foodie and a chocolate lover. (here’s proof of my chocolate love) Seriously though, feed me good food and I’ll always remember you.
  • I have a great sense of humor (read this for proof)
  • I try my best to make people around me feel comfortable (sometimes at the cost of my own comfort)

What you won’t like about me:

  • I am not very good at keeping in touch, especially via phone calls ( I make up for this by being almost always available on DMs)
  • You will never find me without a book. I carry them even at social events which many people frown upon or roll eyes on.
  • I am easily irritated, especially when I’m hungry.
  • I’m an overthinker

Here are a few of my blogs that will help you understand my personality

How to contact me

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Send me an Email: arusticmind@gmail.com/manali1988@gmail.com

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