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Slaying The Blues by Chitra Padmana

Book blurb:

This is a non-preachy short read about how you can tackle issues of daily life that often put a dampener on your spirits and productivity. It charts out some easy practical actions you can start on right away to uplift your mental energies. If you’ve been facing anxiety or have lost the zest for life lately, this book will surely pep you up and act as a stress-buster

Sprinkled with the author’s own perspectives on how she handled her difficult days, this book provides lots of tips and resources for both instant as well as long-term re-wiring of mindsets for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Being utterly clumsy and disorganized, she feels this will help people like her who’re always in a tearing hurry even while struggling to control the variables in their lives.   

Get started on this quirky yet helpful self-help handbook that covers aspects like listening to yourself, creativity for mental health, social media blues, relationships, wellness, reading and listening recommendations. It also includes an entire chapter devoted to effective handling of crappy days! Read to find out why self-love is important for the soul.  

Celebrate a new you with self-care! 
Sparkle up on your nastiest days! 
Start slashing away those blues now!! 


Genre: Nonfiction/Self-help

Pages: 47

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 72 INR/$1.78

My Rating 4/5

Stay positive all the time is impossible. Especially when you’re having a bad day. This book provides answers on how to handle oneself during gloomy days and taking care of the self when feeling under the weather.

A heartfelt read about taking care of oneself.

What I liked about the book:
-> Generally such are just theoretically sound but this book has a very personal touch and a practical approach.
-> Each and every hack is explained in detail.
-> All the hacks mentioned in the book are practical and very easy to be followed. The author also goes on to explain why a particular hack should be followed and what would be the benefit of following that hack.
-> I found many unique ideas that I am going to use very soon.
-> It was a refreshing read and it inspired me to implement the ideas.
-> There are hyperlinks provided to all names and websites mentioned, so there is a quick actionable.
-> The author invites us to drop her a mail for discussing further or to ask for her help in following through a hack, which I found endearing.

What I did not like about the book:
-> Most of the book felt like a blog post or journal entry with a very informal tone.

Quotable quotes:
-> A few failures, some stray remarks don’t define you, but your capabilities do.
-> It doesn’t take a huge effort to make tiny changes in one’s life.
->Working smarter instead of working harder is more productive.
-> Growling up indeed is the hardest phase of our lives- a place where we feel stuck between our incomplete childhoods and an inviting era of “adulting”.
->The first step to alleviating the blues is accepting you have them.
->Be patient with people because they’re probably having a rough day as well.
-> To stay happy one doesn’t always require a companion.
-> Begin the day by putting yourself first, because that’s the only way you can get through the day.
-> Self-care is NOT being selfish. Self-love is NOT narcissism.
-> Simple and effective feel-good stuff that you do for people you meet every day, goes a long way in lifting your own spirits up.
-> Don’t bottle up your feelings. Crying is not a weakness. It gives you strength. It gives you perspective.
-> Adding value doesn’t mean a well-decorated CV. Something that can make us feel a deep sense of satisfaction, even if it isn’t directly related to one’s professional growth or done for the sake of validation from others, is value.

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