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A Sunny Day Treat

Travel Tales With M ~ Park Sonsbeek

A Sunny Day Treat 

In focus under this story is the Park Sonsbeek located in the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands. 

Photo captured by the author

My husband and I been cooped inside our home for over six months now. The only time we head out is for grocery shopping once or twice a week. It became a bit much after a while and we decided to explore nearby cities and their parks over weekends. 

We are comparatively new in the city of Tilburg where we moved just over a year ago. Being nature lovers, we wanted to explore the many parks and gardens this beautiful country has to offer. A simple Google search told us that Park Sonsbeek was one of the best (and still open under Covid-19 crisis) ones nearest to us. 

So, we set out on a sunny Saturday morning to explore this park which many people had appreciated in their reviews. The first thing that impressed me before we even made our way to the park, was the Arnhem Central station itself. It is designed to awe you, no doubt!

Photo captured by the author

The park is just a 5–7 minute walk from the station and I couldn’t help but admire the city as we made our way towards our destination. Before we entered the park, we could see its grandeur from the street adjacent to it. 

There is a Water Museum right at the entrance, which is currently closed. 

Photo captured by the author

The museum provides a paid tour when it’s open (I am definitely visiting it once it reopens). You cross it and walk over the gravelled path to enter the park. Right away, there is a small bridge over a canal. I have a thing for such small wooden bridges and this park is laden with ample such ,so my heart’s joy knew no bounds. 

Photo of the author captured at Park Sonsbeek

The park is huge, to say the least. Surrounded by beech trees and ample greenery, the hilly character of the park is striking as well as charming. It contains a great diversity of trees and plants and a large number of ponds, fountains and two waterfalls. 

One of the many beautiful ponds at Park Sonsbeek
One of the many beautiful ponds at Park Sonsbeek

Furthermore, you will find a tea house (the Palatine) and two restaurants (the Boerderij and the Sonsbeek pavilion). The restaurants are currently closed, but the tea house provides takeaway.

We enjoyed a cup of coffee and hot chocolate while sitting at one of the many benches, basking in the sunlight and enjoying the natural beauty. 

There is a small platform of sorts afloat one of the many ponds, in front of the tea house. You can sit or stand here as well while enjoying your hot/cold beverage. 

The afloat platform outside the tea house at Park Sonsbeek
Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate amidst nature
In front of one of the two waterfalls at Park Sonsbeek

The park was wonderfully peaceful. We ended up spending the morning as well as a good part of the afternoon there. There is also a small enclosure with deer, rabbits, and some other animals. 

Watching them stroll around as we sat on one of the benches facing the enclosure was another peaceful experience for us. 

Deer, rabbits, and a few other animals in an enclosure at Park Sonsbeek

If you go to Arnhem put this Park on your Agenda without fail.

Pro-tip: There is a lot of walking involved, so wear comfortable shoes (no heels if possible). 

Note: We visited this park on 27th February 2021. Since the number of cases in the Netherlands is rising again, it would be wise to avoid crowds. If you are visiting parks like these, please do follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

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