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It doesn’t end here by J. Alchem

Book blurb:

Samuel and Sara had been a couple for three years. However, Samuel doesn’t love her anymore. He had already made two attempts at breaking up with her, which failed.

Steeling himself, Samuel approaches Sara the third time to call it off but ends up in emotional turmoil following a shocking revelation. As the clouds start to clear, he is surprised to realize he is in love again. But this time Sara…

Be a witness to the couple’s journey, their ups and downs, and the greatest secret of their life that would leave you in shock and tears.

Genre: Fiction/Short Story

Pages: 44

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.8/5

Samuel and Sara have been together for the last three years. As per Sara, everything is going fine. But Samuel doesn’t feel the same way. He is planning to break up with Sara. But right before he can do that, Sara breaks unexpected news that holds Samuel back. Will their relationship survive these challenging times?

A book that leaves you wanting for more.

What I liked about the book:
->The plot doesn’t have twists until the very end (which turns out like an Oh My God! moment) but manages to keep us hooked.
-> The story is a reflection of how romantic relationships normally work. At first, you are in love, but then you slowly fall out; then you fall back and you stay with the person through thick and thin.
-> It makes you think that the story is a feel-good, done, and dusted story of romance during chronic illness, but it turns out much darker.

Quotable quotes:
-> There are languages to say what you exactly feel.
And there is love.
-> Love never dies. It fizzles out maybe, but it stays there in your heart buried by emotions controlling you. Once the fire is rekindled love breathes a new life.
-> Smiling is contagious.
->Stereotypical gender roles were never specified in their home. . The tasks had always been divided as per capability and availability.

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