A Tryst with Destiny

Trigger warning: death and miscarriage*

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Something inside the couple died that day,

When their new-born came to the world but life refused to come its way.

They couldn’t feel the baby’s heartbeat

With eyes closed, it almost looked in a sweet sleep.

Something about heart failure during labor, the doctors said,

They wondered how such a tiny being could to something like that fall prey?

It looked such a beauty with its tiny hands and feet,

Hard to believe no one would ever get to hear it speak.

Oh! How they’d looked forward to playing with it,

All they now had were broken dreams of each every tiny planned bit.

Within a few hours, they had to wrap it in a grey sheet,

And by the end of the day within the earth, it was deeply buried.

Each other’s support in their lives was their only ray,

For many days the sadness and doom were here to stay.

She appeared like the light at the end of a dark tunnel with new hope,

Finding her in the garbage bin gave them a way to cope.

Dumped by her own parents like a stray,

For another set of parents, she appeared like an answer to their pray.

Their loss had brought them despair and defeat,

But destiny had its own way to help them recover from grief.


Note: This poem is an excerpt from my debut A Rustic Mind. It has been changed a bit from the original poem.

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