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Lost Love Late Love by Namrata Gupta

Book blurb:

“And if on that day, instead of saying that we’re late in finding each other, you had said that now that I have found you, we’ll never leave each other… Then, life would’ve been worth living.”
Kashika takes her first step into a hard corporate life, while being in an emotionally abusive relationship with Vivaan, which has taken a heavy toll on her lifestyle, but is unable to let go.
As the circumstances turn sour with physical abuse making a way into their relationship, she meets Vidit, who compels her to walk away and start a new life. Vidit and Kashika start finding solace in each other, which causes problems for both of them as Vidit is betrothed to someone else. Kashika feels Vidit is her soulmate but can’t do anything about it.
The entire situation becomes more complicated when Vivaan tries to reconnect with Kashika, and rekindle their relationship. Kashika feels tormented between her past and present, while Vidit is unable to choose between duty and his heart, making them feel stuck. With only few weeks left for Vidit’s marriage, Kashika decides to confront Vidit about their relationship.
Will Kashika and Vidit fight for their love? Has Vivaan really changed? What does fate have in store for her? Walk with Kashika as she tries to fight her destiny and doomed love life for a better future.

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 116

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 200 INR/$14.99

My Ratings: 4/5

Kashika is in an emotionally abusive relationship with Vivaan. One day she just realizes she’s had enough. While she is still questioning her decision and struggling to move on, in comes Vidit. He helps her cope with the emotional trauma and they connect at a level which they’ve never had with anyone before. Their bond slowly starts to move beyond just friendship, but there’s no scope of any romance here, because Vidit is already engaged. Will Kashika be able to really move on with her past baggage and current dilemma?

If you love someone, don’t let them go, at least not without telling them how you feel.

What I liked about the book:
-> It addresses the turmoil and traums that a person in an emotionally abusive relationship goes through.
-> The few poems in the story which work like a balm on a grieving/healing heart.
-> The climax which not only takes the reader by surprise but also makes us realize the importance of taking care of those we love; especially those who are struggling emotionally.
-> Kashika’s story around her relationship with Vivaan is so relatable. Every girl is sure to be reminded of herself or of someone she knows who has been through a similar experience of a toxic relationship.
-> The book has helpful insights on abusive relationships, like its symptoms and ways to get out of it, et al. It could easily be a one stop guide for young girls and a handy friend around warning signals when in a relationship.
-> The last chapter with Vidit’s PoV.

What I did not like about the book:
-> Kashika comes off as a damsel in distress across the whole book which becomes frustrating to read at times. Because you just want someone to shake her and say, “Girl, grow up. Why do you need a romantic involvement at all?”
-> As a reader I found myself wondering why Kashika’s parents never notice, question or intervene about her personal (or even her professional) life.

Quotable quotes:
-> Perfect arrangements looked superficial, made up but natural imperfectness looked tempting and exotic.
-> Not everything is about one thing as being more important than the other. You cannot judge every situation based on a notion of importance in your head. Some situations demand a balance to be made.

-> Love knows no reason.
-> We cannot judge every situation by the same scale.
-> When we love someone with all our heart, it is only natural that we start getting insecure and possessive about them and expect them to make us their topmost priority. What else is love? Isn’t it a form of prioritizing? Isn’t it always choosing one person over and above everything and everyone else? Don’t our parents do the same for us?

-> There’s a fine line between loving someone and controlling someone. If you love someone, you want to see them happy even if you’re not the reason for it.
-> Sometimes, someone can love you passionately with their feelings and still be unable to love you the right way with their actions.
-> Sometimes we keep living where we don’t belong, dealing with what can’t be changed and just try to make it through another day. Because otherwise we feel lost, and good or bad, we try to hold on to what feels familiar.
-> Food isn’t the only thing that matters. It is the person you’re sharing it with that makes the food even more fulfilling.
-> Don’t let people treat you the way they want to. Make them treat you the way you want to be treated.
-> Sometimes, you’ve to live in grey areas. Some things can never be in black and white.
-> Life is too short not to be chasing what feeds your soul and flushes your heart with happiness.
-> There’s no right or wrong time for love. Love is neither early nor late. Love meets us when we are ready for it, when we need it and that’s always the right time. Hold on to it, don’t let it go, no matter when you find it.
-> Coffee and alcohol are always in close competition when it comes to making people bond over them.
-> Dancing is a potential that people recognize within themselves when they are high on alcohol.
-> Better be courageous once than be stuck for the rest of your life.
-> Love doesn’t always come when we want it to come. We should be brave enough to accept it with open arms when it does find us and fight for it.
-> Love is not convenient; it is inconvenient but has the power to put all convenience to shame.
-> Love is rare, difficult, demands sacrifices and is by no way mediocre.
-> Doing nothing about things and just sitting back, seeing the love of your life going away from you step by step is a sure enough way to lose the love of your life.
-> Indecision is also a decision.
-> Witnessing someone else being enough for the person you love is a blow to the self-esteem and a deep scar to the soul.
-> Perhaps, we, as humans, just learn to wear the masks better with time.
-> Love is just a dead weight when it is not yours to hold.
-> Heartbreak is very hard to live with.
-> Like a game of chess, life is worthwhile when the queen is alongside the king.
-> You’re never late in finding the love of your life.
-> Love is never late, our actions are.
-> We, as humans, complicate things more in our imagination than they are in reality.

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