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Engineer Your Passion: Leadership in Digital Space by Parul Agrawal

Book Blurb:

As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for that spark to help us sharpen our leadership skills. Parul Agrawal’s Engineer Your Passion is the roadmap to get us there. With insight on the power of the inner voice, using our right and left brain to problem-solve, and an equation to engineer the passion our genius already owns, this book is key to leadership in the digital space.

Genre: Nonfiction/Self-help

Pages: 51

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 4.3/5

In today’s digital age, there is a scope for everyone to become a leader and a successful entrepreneur. This book is a guide for all those aiming to listen to their inner voice and convert their passion into a profession.

A practical to-do list for achieving your goals.

What I liked about the book:
–> The author shares tips and advice from her own experiences of success and failure.
–> It teaches us the power of collaboration in the digital space.
–> After each chapter there’s a self-reflective questionnaire, which helps to reflect on our personal and professional life and habits.
–> Despite being a short and quick read, it provides invaluable lessons.

Quotable quotes:

-> It’s both right brain and left brain intelligence that sparks the idea and brings it forth.
-> We all have different definitions of happiness.
-> Happiness is subjective and so is success. Failure is momentary and DOES NOT define us. In fact, failure is necessary and an essential part of growth. Failure is a normal part of the process of learning.
-> Recognizing and understanding the reason behind our failure is the first step towards improvement.
-> No matter who you are or where you are or where you slept or how you slept or even when you slept – the first voice you heard when you woke up was not your spouse or your cat or your child – it was the voice in your head!
-> Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.
-> Believing in YOURSELF even if no one else does requires a special kind of power.
-> By being persistent, understanding your passion, learning something new and by being of service, you can engineer your way to success. And when you do that, when you engineer your passion and incorporate self-leadership, you can find a way to change lots of people’s lives.
-> When you follow the problem, the solution appears which quite often, is passion.
-> When we stop learning, when we stop developing our passion, we essentially stop living.
-> Your knowledge only grows when you share it with others.

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