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The Lemonade by Kankane Rakhi Surendra

Book blurb:

We all have our own share of lemons that life gives. But we cannot let the sourness of these lemons spoil our days ahead. We must take the situation in our control, derive the positive from it. Since ages, various philosophers and great thinkers have been saying this through their version of statements. And that is the secret of leading a good life, as all say!

‘The Lemonade’ is a collection of short stories that are a reminder to embrace life in whatever form it is and look on the bright side of it. These stories aim to inspire everyone who reads it to find something positive in whatever situations life throws at you and make the best lemonade possible.

Genre: Fiction/ Short stories

Pages: 138

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/ $2.99
  • Paperback (available only in India) : 199 INR

My Ratings: 4.8/5

A collection of 18 short stories which leave behind an aftertaste, just like that perfect glass of lemonade on a sunny afternoon. Read this one to savor the bittersweet experiences of life that teach us sometimes good and sometimes bad things about fellow humans.

A perfectly mixed lemonade, with sweet, sour, and salty tales.

What I liked about the book:
–> As someone who has done a lot of train travel, I especially loved the short stories depicting the journeys of the protagonists in the Indian railways.
–> Most of the stories are so raw that they make you believe it must be real rather than fiction.
–> Each story begins with a short poem, and I loved them all.
–> My favorite titles that will remain with me for a long time are The Torn Shirt, The Unwanted Human and, The Gift.

What I did not like about the book:
–> The few typos and mixup in words (for instance ‘brought’ is mixed up with ‘bought’, ‘hairs’ instead of ‘hair’ etc)

Quotable quotes :
-> Just as the size of the moon is not same every day, each day of your life will never be the same. And when it comes to life, it is very unpredictable.
-> Always remember, after every ‘new moon’ night, there is a ‘full moon’ night. But it takes around 14 more days for the moon to appear full.”
-> Life is full of sweet, salty, and sour experiences. But when you see it collectively, it is perfect, just the way you mentioned about the taste of this lemonade. Remember, on the days when you face adversity or misfortune, turning them into something positive or finding something best in it is the right or rather the best way to deal with it.
-> We all have our own share of lemons that life gives us. But we cannot let the sourness of these lemons spoil our days ahead. We must take the situation in our control and derive the positive from it.
-> Embrace life in whatever form it is now – right at this moment – and look on the bright side of it.
-> Who told you that marriage is a happy ending? Many lives get spoiled after marriages. People knowingly or unknowingly get married to someone, sometimes to the people they choose, who at a later stage proves to be a wrong choice.
-> I believe in the institution of marriage completely, but I also believe that there is no right or wrong time for it.
-> Love never knocks on the door and does not enter your life with permission!
-> There is nothing that mothers don’t understand.
-> Most of the time, when the MET department forecast heavy rainfall, the rain gets scared and is scarcely ever seen.
->She loved rains but the condition applied was ‘no travelling’. If going to office was compulsory, she hated them completely since they caused travelling issues.
-> Riding in an auto was not an escape from rains but it just gave a sense of satisfaction because walking 20 km to the office was not possible. Who does it? No one is so dedicated after all!
-> Sometimes, the effects of abuse are not obvious, but they are very serious.
-> Relationships do need ‘the together-time’ to maintain their spark.
-> It is not easy to cheat honest people. God helps. It takes time but dharma (righteousness) wins.
-> Love between sisters never fades.
-> Just like Navratri is the pride of Gujarat, saree business is the pride of Surat.
-> Where there is love, there is always a ‘will do it anyhow’!
-> Some stories are lost in silence While some are created in silence!

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