Bookish Witch

One Morning by Anamika Mukharji

Book blurb:

A very short story – an ordinary morning turns into a nightmare when Kiran hears a frantic knocking on her door. Will she find Adheer?

Genre: Fiction/Short story

Pages: 8

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 59 INR/$0.99

My ratings: 5/5

Kiran has just sent off her son Adheer to school. It’s just a regular morning for her, but what’s special is that Kiran just bought a new pair of shoes for Adheer. After much deliberation and spending most of her savings, she has managed to buy him these shoes. However, it seems that he might not be able to use them much. What happened that led to him losing one shoe out of his new much eagerly awaited pair of shoes?

Buying details:

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