Change is The Only Constant- a poem

I cribbed about not being able to finish my daily tasks,

Also making me anxious about work-life balance.

A simple change of waking up an hour early every day,

and the problem was resolved.

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Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

I always marveled at how my mother managed to cook well every day.

A simple look at the way she did things, aided by help from YouTube,

Which helped me learn and gain confidence as I began to cook regularly,

and I could do it too.

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Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

I could only read a handful of books every year,

It left me unhappy and highly unmotivated to write,

A simple target of reading just 25 pages every day,

and I am now able to read a handful of books every week.

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Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

I don’t’ have time” was my excuse to justify the increasing weight,

Looking at myself in the mirror made me cringe one day.

A change in my daily diet mixed with an hour’s exercise every day,

and “I can manage time to focus on my body” became my mantra.

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Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

I envied others and wondered ‘How are they doing better than me?’,

A change in this mindset and learning ‘How are they doing it?”

Now I get inspired, inculcate their habits in my own way,

and am able to improve my productivity every day.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This poem is in response to Tree Langdon’s prompt to write a poem about Routines and Change.

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