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How Priorities Change With Age

I remember a time when the month of February was dreadful for me, especially in my teens and early 20s. Simply because I was almost always the only single person in my social circle.

Yes, friends tried to make me feel included, but

alienation and inferiority complex are hard to deal with in one’s teenage and early 20s.

There’s peer pressure, societal expectations, and then some more pressure from the blatant commercialization of ‘love’. The pop culture of music, movies, and books added their bit to the mix.

As each day of the ‘valentine’ week came, my heart broke just a little bit every day. People around me would be giving each other chocolates, roses, teddy bears, and whatnot.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

On most days, like rose day and chocolate day, somebody or the other would, (mostly out of pity) give me a rose or chocolate. These would be a couple, or a handful at the max, always in singular numbers though. But girls and boys around me, my age, would be showered with a room full of flowers and chocolates.

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Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Girls would giggle and talk about how their boyfriends or crushes were showering them with the most expensive bouquets and chocolate boxes. I had nothing to contribute, so I would just fake laugh or walk away.

The worst part was, somehow I knew it didn’t matter, but I still craved for it anyway. Do you get what I’m saying, here? You would if you have ever been the third wheel in a group.

Because society expected me to behave in a certain manner, and like things that were ‘girly’ (for lack of a better word), I even grew fascinated with teddy bears.

So, when this memory from social media came up on my feed, I just had to share it here.

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Screenshot from author’s Facebook

Yes, I laughed looking at it (of course, I’m funny that way). But it also made me realize two important things:

a. Our priorities and desires change as we age.

b. Love matters, but it’s not about who it comes from.

Now I find the whole idea of how we look at love ridiculous and laughable. I have been consciously trying to let people who know me or follow me on social media, know that,

love isn’t about a day or a month, or not even about your significant other.

It can be anyone who you care about and vice-versa, be it a family member, or a friend. As long as you know you are loved, that’s all that matters.

What are your thoughts on love and valentine?

Thank you for reading. Do check my other stories around Valentine’s Day and love.

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