Author Collaborative

In Conversation with Dr. Jyuthica Laghate

Shel Silverstein in his poem titled The Voice, says,

“There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”

How to have a harmony between the mind, body, heart and soul is one of the most sought after questions of the humankind. We all struggle to come to terms about making the most important as well as random decisions because we’re unable to decide whether we should listen to what our mind says or to what our soul says. Like most, I struggle with this too. Hence, when I came to know about a book which could bring me closer to being able to listen to the voice of my soul, I wasn’t foolish enough to not grab a go.

Soul Seances by Dr Jyuthica Laghate is one book I would highly recommend for anyone looking for simple answers on how to listen to their inner voice. Here’s my short review to help you decide.

Check out a detailed review of this book here

After reading the book, I reached out to the wise author of this book, and suggested that she join me for the #AuthorCollaborative segment. To my pleasant surprise, she very kindly agreed to it and was even patient to wait out for me to schedule it more than once.

Before we chatted, as is the norm, she read my book The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories. Her review of the book, was so insightful and well-crafted that it soon became one of my favorites. Here’s a glimpse at the short form of it.

Check out Dr.Jyuthica’s detailed review of TAoBG here

Today, finally after a long wait, we chatted with each other for almost an hour.

IG handle: arusticmind

Here’s a look at the questions I asked Dr. Jyuthica.

She too had some very interesting questions for me. Have a look at them below.

Then it was time for the rapid fire round, where I bombarded her with the following spunky questions.

And she asked me her own fun questions in this round as shown below.

You can listen to our responses on all these questions, in the video below:

Do follow the links below to check out the books discussed in today’s session:

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