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The Case of Known Unknown by Harsh Adani

Book Blurb:

Just when they thought about ending the case, I made my preparation of beginning the chase and that’s where I always won, for I never stopped when they started and never paused when they departed ~ The Stalker

Imagine getting invited to a grand feast, which serves mass-murder as dessert. All eyes are upon SHO Syna, the lead investigator who stakes her career over the case, when she receives letters from The Stalker. Akash Paul, an ingenious detective tags along with authorities to aid in the case and avenge his uncle’s death.

Ten years, three mass-murders, one serial Killer, an undiscovered pattern and just one name ; The Stalker.
A comeback after 5 years! Evidence pointed in the direction of the psycho genius, too many similarities to be ruled out! New quotes with hidden messages are uncovered, there lies just one question for Syna and Akash, after all these years, will they be able to make a difference and end the chase? Or would the identity of The Stalker remain undiscovered forever?

Can you handle the thrill waiting for you inside this book?

Genre: Fiction/Crime & Thriller Mystery

Pages: 226

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/ $2.99
  • Paperback (available only in India): 190 INR

My Ratings: 4.9/5

David Fernandes is throwing a grand party to announce some good news. After the grand reveal, all his guests cheer to the news by drinking wine and soon fall DEAD! David, the host, is the sole survivor, so is he is the murderer? That’s where the obviousness ends and the mystery begins.

A serial killer you’ll come to admire.

What I liked about the book:
–> The plot of the story is quite intriguing and gripping which keeps the reader hooked from the start till the end.
–> The little quotes at the end of each chapter, that also give an insight into “The Stalker” who is the main villain/culprit in the entire story.
–> The clues left by the stalker and how they are slowly revealed by the characters, especially the climax where Akash unveils the entire pattern of the stalker.
–> The sheer precision and research that went into the execution of the mass murders (which of course leads to the applaud worthy narrative and research done by the author himself)
–> The book kept me enticed and hooked till the end as the story covers almost all the elements of thrill and suspense (I was also surprised to learn that it was a debut book, which means we can expect some great work from the author in the future too)
–> The book lays a great foundation for any prequel/sequel to the story.
–> Leaves an important message that loneliness and lack of a family during childhood can lead to serious mental issues during adulthood.

What I did not like about the book:
–> Syna and Akash’s romance should have got some more narrative space. (Also, what happened to Catherine, and what part did she play in Akash’s past?)
–> There were many loose ends about supporting characters.

Quotable quotes:

—> A story judged on the basis of its initial stages is a missed opportunity towards a marvellous journey savoured by those who flipped till the end of all pages.
—> Seven colours can form a beautiful rainbow, but mix them with seven emotions and it will perform the Seven Deadly Sins.
—> How did they get a wind of this so soon? But after all, it was Media, there is no telling as to what they can’t do.
—> We all hide behind our masks, deceiving ourselves, pretending to be someone we aren’t. Yet, the one who succeeds in believing it as his own is the one who becomes a part of the ‘Great Deception’.
—> Human beings act as if nothing bothers them, but the things they try to ignore, keep coming back and haunts them.
—> Solitude helped him get acquainted with books of authors who had intriguing stories to tell.
—> Unsolved criminal cases made him anxious.
—> Pure love never dies.
—> Certain circumstances drag you in a black hole, which you cannot dodge or change, you face it, without thinking about the aftermath. Only Love had had enough virtue to terminate all evil.
—> They say, united we stand, divided we fall. But the reason our world still stands and prevails is because all the nations are divided.
—> We are the media, all we need is an argument to light some fire, we don’t have to worry about how it spreads.
—> Wonder why our ancestors achieved more than us? Because they never kept a count of their victories.
—> Always remember, if you want to find out about someone, you must dig and pursue their history.
—> He knew her so very well, that’s what a girl would expect from her lover.
—> The human race’s impatience is similar to nature’s forces of lightning and sound. It moves forward with great speed, destroying things, realizing the sound of it, too late after the damage is done.
—> And there’ll come a time when you’ll realize that all those scars that you have, they aren’t symbols of bravery but, symbols of foolishness.
—> A glance at history will help you comprehend that it was love that waged many wars and hatred that ended all of them.
—> Sacrifice is part of teamwork.
—> A human mind is the most intriguing topic, but also a victim of curiosity that refuses to stop, when curious.
—> The unusual part about Tihar Jail is that it focused more on the developmental and rehabilitation facilities for inmates. For example, the music therapy that the prison offered, in hopes of directing the inmates towards developing a positive outlook on life.
—> Charles Manson was a cult leader. He had formed his own family called, “The Manson Family”, wherein he had convinced the family members to murder people and start a race war in America. The reason why they became so famous was because one of their victims was an American actress named Sharon Tate.
—> Never be the one who knows secrets, always be the one who makes them.
—> Legacy is a dangerous artefact, a rare gem to those who understand its potential, but a real benefactor to those who understand it even better. Gems always ended up in museums, but benefactors would store it as undiscovered antiquity. For it is undiscovered secrets that make something powerful and desirable.
—> Belief is very important to an individual.
—> It’s easy to end things once they start, as even death is determined even before you are born. But what’s unexpected is a comeback, for it ciphers the end of dawn.
—> No one wishes for pain and destruction to return to them, but the pain is like tidal waves, it keeps on coming, sometimes small while sometimes gigantic.
—> Great leaders fell to their knees because they were easily influenced by their companions, by the people who were around them.
—> History was his mentor that taught him the actual meaning and importance of life, through such different names and leaders. Even then, as examples of History have shown, tribute had to be given to those names, to those leaders, for they were his inspirations at some point.
—> A brave King fights and dies alongside his army, for his kingdom, but a smart one stands behind his army and protects his own Kingship.
—> Every end is a sign of a new beginning.
—> Every year, humans have made new discoveries and enhancement in all possible fields, but if only they attempted to discover what is within themselves, they’d realise they are much more than just bones and skulls.
—> Feelings are more important than sights.
—> They say, live every moment, but every moment is one step closer for Death to embark and take your moment away for eternity.
—> He had a huge bank balance, yet there was no balance in his life.
—> ‘You take away my anger.’ He said, holding her hand. ‘Sex is not my antidote; your presence is.
—> Everyone has a secret to bear, some reserve them for their prey, while others take it to their graves.
—> I used to wonder why our hearts lie on the left side of the body, and then I realized it was too afraid to be right, for humanity cannot bear the sight of what is right.
—> He felt his watch betrayed him during phases where time meant everything.
—> Even the most important asset moves fast when you are slow.
—> Not every story has a hero.
—> He glanced at the flocks of birds flying in a group, he wanted to be like them, to fly away, away from all the troubles, away from his fate.
—> He searched for his escape, he searched for a solution, he suffered from pain, he suffered from isolation. Standing between the world of realism and his own world of wishes, he asked the creation if he was vicious. The universe answered with a tale of pain and joy, if a man was happy then so was he void. Breaking the law, he became his own creator, granting people with solace and thrones. Humanity fulfilled their utmost wishes and dreamed of every fantasy, just like witches. Bending the reality, he became every man’s first want, and they called him by the name of Thoughts.
—> It was a tactic which he had learnt, tell them the truth they want to hear and before they understand it was just another layer of lies, finish them.
—> It’s hard to know when’s the last time you may see someone but it is harder when you know that it’s your last time, and yet you cannot convey it to anyone.
—> Time never stops for anyone.
—> For her, love meant having no secrets. It was a complete surrender of feelings.
—> History swears as witness, if you weren’t hated by the masses, you were never an influential leader.
—> Opportunities come with responsibilities and risks.
—> You look at the mirror, admiring your face, doubting those praises, looking for grace, yearning for space, struggling to chase, and that is what makes you a part of The Human Race.
—> It was the toughest battle for her, to win over her emotions and control her anger, her pain and her tears.
—> Funny thing about crime, you never have to worry about the legacy, it would always be continued by some other killer.
—> Devil is not a title but a mask preserved by a deity to eradicate humanity. Which is why every new era has a different Satan but the same divinity”.
—> It was the biggest enemy of those who opposed it and the most beneficiary for those who followed it. Humanity was its primary disciple and it was the legend who had no desires. It had no foe, nor had it allies, yet it had the most formidable weapon that could take away even the entire mankind. It never halted for anyone, yet the strange thing was it belonged with everyone. Fortunate were those who treasured it, dead were those who tried to measure it. It took us ages to conclude that it could never be controlled; oh, how fast did it make those years get rolled. Its warnings came with a chime, mankind called it ‘Time’.
—> You yearn for a life full of happiness and devoid of pain. But the fact is, when the sun is too bright, you run for those shadows, only then realising how important shade is to cover you from getting burnt.
—> It may sound crazy to you. But if everyone was loved, if everyone was granted this powerful emotion, there would never have been The Stalker, or any of my kind. But damn us humans, we are more interested in satisfying our egos and ignoring the ones who need it the most, the one about whom we have no idea what they are going through, yet we dismiss all of them, without realising that not everyone would have the same patience or the stomach to stand all of it by himself/herself.
—> Did love make her vulnerable, or was it her emotions?
—> It’s so difficult to make important choices when you are just granted seconds of time to decide upon it.
—> In a room packed with varied emotions, the potential dominator was Hatred, lining behind Hatred was Revenge, who had Anger to reinforce his back. On the other side was Malice, impatient and excited to acquire anything it saw. In the far corner was the aura which everyone was afraid of, his name was Fear. And amongst all of them, surrounded from every angle, stood Love. Love was the ultimate antidote for all the emotions, yet Love remained confined and bounded, never unleashing bounded, never unleashing its true power. For like every story, Love was afraid, and once again, Darkness loomed over Love’s illumination.
—> Technology has surely bridged the gap of distance yet we are still distant from our closed ones.

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