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Song of a solo man – Poems for every man by Amit Verma

Book blurb:


PREFACE – Two friends sit in a bar. Both are married. They are confused about life of a modern men. As they count their miseries and pains; it turns out to be a very difficult task. As one of them who is struggling writer; creates a catalogue of pain a modern man feels; their friendship stands jittery.
Discover what a modern man may complain; if by chance his wife asks about his pains.
A collection of around 45 poems to discover how a gentle man deals with complexities of his life and sometimes of his wife.
Poems are in free prose and are accompanied with many line illustrations.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 87

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 60 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.5/5

We may have often wondered that so much is written about women, why isn’t there something about what men think and go through? Here’s a book that provides this answer in the form of poems.

Poems about the unheard and misunderstood man of the society.

What I liked about the book:
–> The concept in itself which focuses on the much-neglected gender in recent times.
–> Each poem talks about what a man goes through, providing us (women precisely) insight into a man’s mind and thoughts.
–> The very raw sketches alongside most of the poems. These added a charm of their own.
–> The book would connect easily to those who carry a heaviness in their heart or are not able to voice out their words.
–> A short read which can be completed in one go within an hour max.

What I did not like about the book:
–> I wish the poems didn’t focus only on the husband-wife relationship. Maybe son-mother, brother-sister, father-son, friend, etc would’ve added more depth to the collection.
–> The improper (or complete lack thereof ) use of articles and prepositions.

Quotable quotes:
—> every time I am on the brink of
writing next line;
old line with your name
pulls me back
into the past.
—> I don’t mind
if you neglect my grave
or forget my name.
It is ok to
see for yourself
the power of moving on
and healing with time.
But to spare me
real death;
visit my memories
if you forget my grave.
—> Your mood today
seems stormy.
I am not weather man
but I work
it out everytime;
—> My anger
is like a bubble
It pops out somewhere
round the corner.
But your anger is like a river;
which keeps pouring
over me throughout
the winter night.
—>When she doesn’t stop even after winning…, When you become you…, When you miss your dad…, When she has a fight with mom…, When she feels less beautiful…
—> All the stories are same
It is very difficult to write
about a successful man;
without a woman
behind – working selflessly.
—> To enter somebody’s soul
and then seeping out slowly,
is similar to an act of
crushing a beetle under your feet.
—> The biggest complaint that
I have against you;
is that it is not
ethical or legal the way you
disarm me of all my powers;
with a gentle smile.
—> You cannot stare
into the eyes of life but you can
stare easily Into mine and
make it all
normal again.
—> Once there was a wise man. He decided to decipher code of hapiness. He wandered throughout the world. But he found no solace. Finally he wandered inside himself. He found everything. Stay happy and live in present. It will make everything about this world bearable.

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