Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Ashwini Malhotra

George Saunders says,

“When you read a short story, you come out a little more aware and a little more in love with the world around you.”

I have been a fan of short stories ever since I started reading. This also probably explains my love (and hopefully my excellence too) for writing short stories as well. So, a few months back when I came to know about a fellow author’s book which was a collection of short stories, I thought to myself, “Here’s someone like me!” and went ahead to read the book Short Stories by Ashwini Malhotra.

My initial thought of “Here’s someone like me!” turned out to be true in more than one way, because the stories herein are ‘slices of life’ in the context of Indian society, which is more or less the same kind of themes that my stories follow. Hence, I absolutely enjoyed reading the book. Check out my short review of it below.

When I reached out to Ashwini, and asked him if he would like to be part of the Author Collaborative, he gracefully agreed. Before that he read my book The Art of Being Grateful and Other Stories, and here’s what he thought of it.

After the reading was done, we finally had our live chat today evening as Ashwini joined me for the 16th episode of the Author Collaborative.

We asked each other some detailed questions about our books, our writing and our journeys so far as writers.

After the grilling long form Q&A we moved on to the fun and light session of the rapid fire questions.

You can check out our answers to the above questions in the video below:

To know more about the books discussed in today’s session, follow the links below:

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