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Samarth finds himself at her door ringing the bell–his last shot at girlfriending her.

“Are you out of your mind?” Dikha screams as she opens the door only to find him there.

“If my mind is your flat, then yeah I’m kinda outta it.”

“I’ve said ‘No’ a hellish number of times.”

“So you want me to leave?”


“Sorry can’t help because you just said ‘Yes’.”

“I can’t believe you Samarth. I’ve to leave for CP for some work. Just get lost.”

“I’ll do your work. I’ll go to CP.”

“Why would you go to CP?”

“Any place you mention–I go there.”



“What do you want Samarth?”

“I want to come in.”

“I got no time for it. Moreover my flat is a mess.”

“I’m more ambitious than this. I meant–I want to come in…your life.”

“But in my life you’re more useless than P in Pneumonia.”

“You don’t let me speak out my feelings- the reason I’m the silent consonant.”

“Fine. Tell me how do you feel ?”

“I’m neither in nor out. I feel like Narsimha.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to come in.”

“You’re not gonna be my boyfriend.”

“I get less ambitious at times. This time I meant your flat. Not able to stand here any longer.”

“You’re right. You’re no God–must be tiring for you. So….you must leave.”

“You were not like this before.”

“Yeah, I’ve put on some weight.”

“No….I mean your nature. You used to treat me with respect.”

“I treat you with respect now too.”

“If this is your respect, then how do you disrespect?…..vandalize people’s graves and dance to samba music upon the bones?”

“I treat you just fine.”

“You treat me like shit.”

“Like I said–I treat you just fine.”

“I’ve had my fill of humiliation. I wish you all the best for your life. I take my leave.”

“Why don’t you come in?”

“But you said it’s a mess.”

“How dare you say my life is a mess?”

“I don’t get you.”

“I always felt attracted to you but you never gave two hoots despite the fact that I was always so polite.”

“So this was your revenge spree?”

“Yeah. I wanted to give you the taste of your own medicine.”

“Now what happens, Dikha?”

“You propose to me now.”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I want you to get more ambitious.”

“Fuck…no!! You’re marrying me?”

“!! Let’s do the border kiss,”–as she pulls Samarth towards, into her room…and her life.”

The series of witty chinwags drive the ten swashbuckling love stories at PR10RITY, maybe crazier than Samarth’s, but not always–sometimes the uninvited pain supplants the crazy happiness.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Pages: 130 pages

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 99 INR/

My Ratings: 3/5

A collection of short stories of various genres, this one makes for a light yet thought-provoking read.

Short stories from everyday life and incidents.

What I liked about the book:
–> How each story changed to an unexpected course as it approached the climax.
–> The witty/funny one-liners in the form of responses and dialogues between the characters of the stories.
–> It is a combination of humor, romance, thrill, gender discrimination, time travel, and every conceivable genre and emotion.
–> Each story teaches us an important lesson right from how karma has a way of getting back to us, to how we never truly know someone even we might be living with them under the same roof, etc, and much more.

What I did not like about the story:
–> The many typos and grammatical errors that make the stories lose their obvious charm.
–> The book did not hold my attention and it took me over a month to finish reading it (which generally never happens with me)

Quotable quotes:
—> “Could traffic jam have been an acceptable argument in favor of my getting late because you were gonna ask that only?”
“Nope, it’s as pathetic and as trite as the excuse of fever, a primary standard kid makes to skip school.”
—> We don’t value the things that come easy. We never do.
—> “Hey, Jinma….I saw your Instagram’s latest pic. You look damn gorgeous.”
“Last time I looked gorgeous, I ended up transferring 25K rupees into your account.”
—> You don’t need to be so swift. It’s Swift-India but you don’t always take the name literally. What’s next? You’ll bring MDH packets when you book Spice-Jet?
—> The goodness in the character of a woman is inversely proportional to the amount of skin exposed—who taught you this Maths?
—> The amount of liver or lung damage due to substance consumption is directly proportional to the number of adulteries to be committed after marriage—who taught you this Maths?
—> The lap of nature might not always offer love and comfort. Any tree will bear testimony to the fact, just ask them in Autumn months, not in the frondescence of Spring.
—> The promise of change’ isn’t always the ‘The promise of betterment’.
—> I’m a book—the pages of which will have to remain blank not because they don’t deserve to be written upon….but because there’s no ink.
—> Love is freedom.
—> One would be least surprised if Oxford decides to accept Mahesh as a meaning of patriarchy.
—> Patriarchy comes with its own share of perks.
—> “You need to be patient. It takes time for the cookie to crumble.”
“It takes a second.”
“I meant in the context of life.”
—> Give life a chance. Love blossoms but only when irrigated with care and patience.
—> Marriage isn’t worth ruining over petty issues.
—> Love must deserve a chance.
—> People work so hard to come closer and then drift apart so easily.
—> One should never overreact on petty issues.
—> “If people can have 2:00 AM friends then why can’t we have 2:00 AM jokes?”
—> People love each other–infinite amount–
—> Pain of the lost ones is directly proportional to the love that existed.
—> We women have always been betrayed by the very people we laid trust in.
—> You need to be reduced to ashes sometimes if you’ve to rise like a Phoenix one day.
—> When provided with the strength of love….even the tiniest of hands can form the grandest of fists.
—> Schrodinger’s Cat Hypothesis talks about a cat inside a box that has got a killing arrangement in it. Cat has equal chances of living or dying. So, unless we open that box, Cat is both living and dying at the same time—a kind of quantum mixture. It’s only when we open the box, the quantum superposition system collapses and we see only one result that is….either she’s dead or alive.
—> I didn’t know—lesser calories meant a soared susceptibility to churlish behavior.
—> Have you seen those spines on cactus?….they’re loathsome but it keeps cactus safe from the predators.
—> It’s always the music that drives us to savor the delicacies of the song.
—> “He has many other qualities.”
“So does the pyramid of Giza but that doesn’t make it young.”
—> Assumption doesn’t cost a billion dollars. You can of course assume anything you want—even that ‘9/11 was an inside job’ crap.
—> Clichés aren’t necessarily non-effective.
—> Losing a notable client is synonymous with losing trust.
—> If you kill a killer then the number of killers remains the same.
—> When you go for revenge, you dig two graves.

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