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Love Beyond Love by J. Vijayalakshmi

Book Blurb:

The book Love Beyond Love is about the very essence of life-LOVE and attaining the supreme consciousness of AUM. The search of the human soul for true love, whether it is momentary or transcendental, keeps the world moving. The themes of love, feminism, search for the supreme consciousness and the futility of time and space brims with rich imagery and exuberant passion. The question “Who am I?” as a social being and a spiritual source resonates unanswered in the entire realms of existence.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 204

Format: Paperback/Kindle eBook


  • Kindle eBook: 100 INR/$5.99
  • Paperback: 250 INR/$12.99

My Ratings: 3.8/5

For lovers of poetry and those who are looking for some everyday inspiration, this book would make for a nice read.

Beautiful poems about spirituality, feminism, love and sacrifice.

What I liked about the book:
–>The poems do not follow a particular rhythm. Some are verse free, while some are rhythmic.
–> A quick read that can be finished in one reading.
–> It covers various topics like feminism, true love, self-love, human soul, kindness, nostalgia, the futility of time, hope, love, search for the supreme consciousness, etc. making it an emotional and engaging read.
–> The absolutely gorgeous cover!!!

What I did not like about the book:
–> The poems on feminism seemed a tad exaggerated/dramatic.
–> The themes seemed repetitive and dull.

Quotable quotes:
—> “Who won?” Asked the mind.
“Whoever won, the defeat is mine”- replied the heart.
—> 2500 Kms away from home
I can still feel the warmth of your kisses-
The delicious aroma of your food,
The sweet pampering-
The caring chidings-
The joyful hugs,
As the universe seemed to move on three letters- MOM- I miss you.
—> I covered myself with the fear of exposing the changes,
I no longer spoke to anyone
I don’t understand why I am either a glorified or a bitchy version
I am a “Wo”, “Men”
As the one who woos men,
But, has every right to live like the “Other”
—> What does it mean?
To be a last priority in the weird trend of family circles.
it was too late when the realization dawned,
That it is “I” who matters and not “you”.
—> The world’s greatest happiness lies in ‘silence’
For ‘silence’ engraves a vicious circle of ‘past’, ‘present’
and ‘future’.
—> “How can you ignore the warning signs of God”
Because we live only for 70 years
And we are
Unsure of ‘life’ after ‘death’.
—> The “Silky chocolates”,
The “smashing smothies”
The “Kentucky Chickens”,
the spicy “Mughal-e-Biryanis”
Never define the assumptions of hunger and starvation.
—> “i”, “me”, “you”, “he”
“she”, “they”, “them”
“it” Are meaningless Only
“ours” is ephermeal.
—> A pinch of salt,
A spoon of sugar,
Mixed proportionally
Gimmicks the reason of life.
—> As is the body,
So is the soul.
As is the sign,
So is the structure.
As is the atom,
So is the Universe.
As is the pain,
So is the success
As is the chaos,
So is the relief.
As is the binary opposite,
So is the unity of order
As is the dualism
So is the identity.
—> No matter how well you live, the self is always
lost in the consciousness of the eternity.
—> The last option to
Be independent
Is to be free of people and their narrow-mindedness.
—> There is a thin line dividing being sane and insane
People who go by the revolution of fate and reality.
—> In a life
Full of struggle-
It doesn’t matter
Who won or who lost-
—> 100 different deadlines
Yet, 1 target
“To be happy”.

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