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Shiva Origins: The Son of Ganga by Dinesh Veera

Book blurb:

Neither man nor God, but beyond!

Time is running short, and the fate of planet earth remains unclear.

Abhay Sharma, a young college student, is on a mission to uncover the secrets of the ancient Chola kingdom. But things are not going as planned. He, instead, awakens a supreme evil and there’s only one way to save planet Earth.

Abhay needs to decode a truth about a legendary Hindu God that even the Vedas were afraid to share. A truth that will change the destiny of the entire human race for once and all.

The past is not far behind, and when an age-old conflict threatens the world yet again, Abhay is stuck in a race against time. Can he overcome the odds, or will fate finally take its revenge for the injustices long forgotten? Join Abhay on the quest to finish a story that started centuries ago as he unveils the truth behind the Shiva Origins!

Genre: Fiction/Myths, Legends & Sagas

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Pages: 224


  • Kindle eBook: 129 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 225 INR/ $19.50

My ratings: 4.7/5

A mythological fiction story that is a must-read for lovers of the genre.

What I liked about the book:
–> The protagonist Abhay’s knowledge on the subjects of his interest, and how this helps him (as well as the others along with him) to unearth the mystery inside the ancient caves.
–> Through Abhay, the readers too, are left awed about the richness of Yoga and other subjects that Abhay talks about at length.
–> The book is well researched and full of facts, making it an engaging read.
–> Ghora’s character and how, because of the unfairness that he faces in his life, he becomes the way he is.
–> The entire expedition inside the caves and how Abhay leads the group towards success. This part is extremely well written.
–> How the book is intelligently divided into two parts; the exploration/expedition and the past events. This division makes for an excellent build-up.
–> How it ends on a cliffhanger making the readers excited about the sequel.
–> How the mythology and Yoga concepts have been incorporated into the story through the backstory of Ghora.

What I did not like about the book:
–> The initial chapters seem a tad dull and dragged, mostly because of the theoretical aspects involved in the chapters where the expedition is taking place.
–> It might seem inspired by the Shiva Trilogy (by Amish Tripathi) at times (however it is a completely different take on the same myth)

Quotable quotes:
—> Known is a drop and unknown is an ocean.
—> The more languages you know; the more knowledge you gain.
—> Life is short. I’d rather die doing something I like than living with regrets.
—> Everyone’s personal interests are different.
—> All human personalities develop based on their interactions with the surrounding environment.
—> In general, art is a constructive process, yet on rare occasions, it can be formed by a destructive act. While this is paradoxical, it’s what nature is all about.
—> On some occasions, the consequences of our actions can be complicated. You are responsible for your own actions.
—> This was all he ever wanted: a peaceful life. Ghora believed that a human must never cause harm to anyone unless it’s justifiable.
—> It’s common for beauty to be accompanied by danger.
—> Not everything in life is as simple as you think.
—> You can’t call yourself a warrior just by killing a panther. To be a warrior, you need to fight for our nation and prove your worth!
—> At times, the truth was better when it remained hidden.
—> Whatever people say, you must believe in yourself. That’s the most important thing.
—> Everything that happened is destined; there is a reason for it.
—> We must respect the decision that a woman makes. It’s up to her to decide with whom she wants to share her love. It’s the only freedom that women have in our society.
—> He knew that it was wrong to take a life, but he also knew that to be a warrior one must be able to overcome guilt and sympathy. Only a heartless man can win wars.
—> In order to be a warrior, you must put your feelings aside…
—> In today’s world, we must not believe anyone. Even the people we trust the most will betray us.
—> Running from a problem will not provide a solution to it, it will only worsen it.
—> Asking questions is relatively easy compared to answering them. Especially answering the complicated ones…

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