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Walks Through Life: Stories by Santhosh Komaraju

Book blurb:

National Indie Excellence Award in the Short Story category.
Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention Award in the Short story/Novella category

Find that majestic mango, your problem will be solved–a mystic ordered an individual who asked for help.
My ax is my guru–declared a woodcutter.
Instead of preparing a plan to kill it, why can’t we offer help? –a villager questioned in the middle of the assembly.
I could not be relieved even after undertaking efforts to end my life–a scholar declared in public.
Can you be my mother?–a boy requested of a pretentious lady.
I wish I had more life to undo my past–a mischief-maker contemplated in his letter.
I would never relinquish them, even if I had to sacrifice my life–a young prince swore putting his life on the shore.
I was chained by limitations, yet I prevailed–a butcher made a victorious cry.
You climbed up the ladder. I did not. Who reached the top?–a brother questioned his sibling who cried for help.

Walks Through Life is a collection of stories in which each story reverberates the same principle of truth in its own unique ways. These are stories serving as plain reminders of the supreme learning that was handed over to us a long time ago.  

Genre: Fiction/ Short Stories

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Pages: 198


  • Kindle eBook: 89.43 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 250 INR/$14.99

Ratings: 5/5

The book is a collection of 9 short stories that are more like moral teachings. Each story in this collection is a beautiful reflection of our society and how we can improve ourselves.

Simple stories with ample wisdom and many life teaching lessons.

What I liked about the book:
–> The beautiful and analogical book cover. The best part about it is that there are snippets depicting some of the stories in the book.
–> How each story teaches us a moral and many important lessons.
–> The titles of the stories which are so apt and extremely thoughtful.
–> How the stories, and all the characters, are so real and relatable.
–> There are two stories in particular which talk about sex workers, and I loved how both of them send out an important message about how we look down upon such women, whereas we are the ones leading immoral lives ourselves.
–>The author has used literary elements really well and has written the plot with maximum narration and very few dialogues.
–> How the stories touch various genres and topics like class, gender, honesty, desire, empathy, humility, hard work, and coexistence among many other attributes of humanity.

What I did not like about the book
–> The narrative feels slow sometimes.
–> The first story was a little complex and getting hooked to the book takes time. I feel the book should have started off with another story (any other story out of the 9 stories would have made a better beginning)

Quotable quotes:
—> He incorporated this undesirable trait in his every endeavor in order to reap faster benefits in the least possible time, as how the motto goes for every cheater.
—> Since cheaters don’t know their limits, their appetites grow with every act of deceit.
—> Sometimes, the question answers itself when the subjects are unable to, from a different corner altogether. The answer waits for the penultimate moment before rising to the top.
—> Do not get disappointed so quickly and bring more misery than needed upon yourself and your family. I think your destiny needs to be rerouted.
—> The gold is yet to be found, but an indication that there is plenty ahead is a good start!
—> He found himself back in the same territory. All the past dreadful experiences floated around him in this familiar locale. But, instead of treating them as haunting omens, he looked at them as lessons to be learned.
—> Courage conquers everything. It even gives strength to your physical body and pushes it wherever it needs to go. No doubts about that!
—> Purity can easily wane the vile, if confronted with bravery.
—> Efforts coated with untainted love and honesty can trump the wicked every time.
—> Who can stop him now in delivering the last of the honors? Only he, if wanted to. But one life can hold many surprises, not all of them bad.
—> You have to be deserving first, to even claim a grain of rice to be yours.
—> As they were protecting the eternal law by following it, their faith dictated that they would be protected by it. They stood firmly by that belief.
—> Their unselfish behavior taught him a lot about humanitarian acts,
—> Bow to the tree that went through severe suffering as I shattered its trunk to pieces for the sake of bringing food and domestic supplies to my family. I learned from each of them about how to lead an unselfish life. They are serving me without expecting anything in return for the sake of my prosperity. There are many elements throughout nature that do the same for me every day. I see my guru in the nature that I experience all around.
—> Self-study had proven more advantageous than the king’s highly-scholared mentorship.
—> Samartha didn’t know how to resolve this puzzling thought, but his will to decode it was strong. In such situations, destiny sometimes presents an explanation through an event that not only clarifies the raised thought, but also induces a sense of relief that something more is now known to the dubious mind.
—>Unless he was able to remove all the arrogance from his personality and make himself ready, he would never reach a completed state.
—> Samartha realized that he only had himself to blame and only he could correct his own behavior.
—> If two prominent contrasting personalities built their homes facing each other, the management of visitors bombarding one another during their exits could always be problematic.
—> This world belongs to all. They have every right to stay in their surroundings, as I do in mine.
—> We cannot judge the sun just by its corona. While the outer layers treat us with several variations, changing according to the time of the day, the core will never change and can never be diminished in its real virtue. While you all see his corona, I see his core.
—> In anticipating highly awaited events, there often comes a realization of prerequisites.
—> We have to understand that hunger is similar across every living beings.
—> A person should never shy away from speaking the truth, especially if that resolves suffering for a community of people.
—> Everyone was more spirited than ever. That can only happen when things are being done for the greater good. They already felt victorious.
—> A community of like-minded people, when formed as one unit, paves the way to several other disparate communities over time. And, when they all conglomerate in one place and start living under one rule, it is termed as a whole. Then forms a body of administration, a tiny subset of the whole that includes the scholarly, who is considered to be the righteous-minded. The duty of governing the whole rests in their hands, and it is their voice that propels or denies activities within their boundaries.
—> Though you were devoted to God, the motive behind that was selfishness to earn fame for yourself. Devotion without purity is like honey without sweetness. The exterior may look good to everyone, but, once consumed, its deprivation would be revealed.
—> The goal was much harder than the fantasy.
—> As a sailor with a mission, he was up to facing such hardships. Though he prepared well for this strenuous exercise, the challenge still existed on how to get clarity regarding his destination. What kind of explorer does not embrace a challenge?
—> Kinship is all about showing extreme compassion toward everyone, not just your own.
—> It was said that when things happen for good, everything happens at once.
—> We have to pass along our karma that was destined, and so we did. We are then helped by the Almighty.
—> A better life comes from living with satisfaction with what we have, not on how much we have.
—> If we try to climb up the ladder to get what is not necessary, we could be blown away in the whimsical trap. Finally, we will realize that, although we have riches, we are not leading a satisfying life.
—> They were obsessed with luxuries and a more opulent lifestyle. They were never satisfied with what they had, leading them to always want more.
—> His riches did not rescue him from this disastrous situation.
—> When a person is at peace, he will not be in need of anything else. He will be satisfied with what he has.
—> Mythology does not just offer us historical events but, rather, a set of valuable lessons that are often interwoven within the details. Past events offer great wisdom for future generations. Once those teachings are realized, we understand that the bad happened for a very good reason. Thus, we are constantly being haunted by the bad so as to get motivated to do good.
—> Our thirst for learning is ever-growing with the tremendous source of axioms left at our disposal. The deeper we go, the more we find that there is more to learn—infinity learning. There is no chance for boredom, as each level of knowledge pushes us to the next as we crave more.

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